Bathroom Tile Decorating Ideas 2017

Bathroom Tile Decorating Ideas 2017


When tiling at external corners, you wi need to fix an extra batten. This batte should be fixed down the corner, bi projecting from one of the walls so that wh you fix the last tiles on the other wall, the butt up to the batten. (In effect you ai creating an internal corner with the batten Then remove the batten and fix the tiles t the adjacent wall so that they butt up close] to the first lot of tiles, with one glazed edj

2 Once the tile has been scored it can be snapped apar using the snapping device of the score-and-cut tool.

4 For cutting round intricate shapes it is best to use pincers, biting away a little bit of tile at a time.

Turning corners

1 For an internal comer, the smaller tiling space should be at the back so that it is least visible.

2 For external corners the full-sized tiles on the outside edge should be at right angles to each other.

A No one ever said that tiles had to be square. You can use them as creatively as any other decorative tool, as in this bathroom decorated in citrus-coloured tiles. Abstract mosaic patterns are combined wonderfully here with straight runs of tile of the latter tile visible. You may wish to use an edging strip to fmish off external corners neatly. If so, you must remember to attach the strip to the corner first before attaching the tiles. They should be fixed to each side of the corner simultaneously so that you can ensure that they are exactly aligned.

Bathroom Tile Decorating Ideas 2017 Photo Gallery

Bathroom Tile Decorating Ideas 2017 Photo Gallery

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