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Fitting it in

Work out where the ideal location will be for your shower and how much space you can afford it. If space is limited, then perhaps it can be tucked away in a space-efficient corner. You can either invest in an off-the-shelf shower cubicle, or you can order one that is made-to-measure for a bespoke fit that makes maximum use of the space in question. Some enclosure designs are better suited to cater for small spaces than others, such as enclosures with curved sliding doors, or a frameless glass shower enclosure with a U-shape entrance that doesn’t need any doors for example. However, the most space-efficient solution would be to incorporate it into the bath by installing a bath shower screen and a hand shower as part of the bath’s faucet set.

If space isn’t an issue, then you can really turn your shower into the centrepiece of your bathroom and make it as spacious and luxurious as you have always dreamt of it being. If the shower is to be included into your en-suite bathroom, why not consider installing a double shower so that both you and your partner can shower at the same time and miss the morning queue. Frameless glass shower doors are the optimum choice for larger shower areas, as they can be custom-fitted and help maintain a feeling of openness and spaciousness by not cutting off your visual line of site throughout the room.

Down under

The shower tray has become a quintessential part of any shower enclosure – they create

a barrier between the room and the shower floor for optimum waterproofing purposes, they house all required drainage neatly underneath, and they ensure that the water remains in the shower and doesn’t spill over the sides onto the bathroom floor. There are a couple of different types of shower trays, including resin stone shower trays, which are made from a mixture of crushed stone and a resin-based glue; acrylic shower trays, and at the upper end of the spectrum, you have enamelled pressed steel shower trays, which offer unparalleled durability and impressively narrow profiles for a sleek flush finish.

Without a tray

Freestanding showers with no tray have become a popular trend of late in bathrooms all over the world. Simply put, the flooring of the bathroom runs throughout the entire space, and seamlessly into the shower enclosure, making it visually part of the floor space by negating any kind of visual divide. If this is the route you want to go, then be sure to choose tiles with a high level of traction for maximum anti-slip functionality, or if you are using a smooth floor surface, such as coloured concrete for example, then be sure to add some

Gio Bella

kind of anti-slip texture into the mix that is used throughout the bathroom, and especially within the shower enclosure.

This trend has been taken even further with the rise in popularity of shower rooms. Essentially, a shower room is an enclosed room where there is no divide between the shower and the rest of the room. As such, there is no added shower enclosure or tray, which makes this layout very practical and space efficient. And herein lies the secret to their rising popularity – with a shower room, you can essentially create a full bathroom (sans bathtub of course), in a comparatively very small space.

A kiss from a rose

Your choice of showerhead or shower rose will be one of your most important decisions, as it will affect the style and sensation of your shower experience. Ask yourself whether you prefer an intense pummelling of water jets, a gentle rain shower, or something in between? As a general rule of thumb, the larger the showerhead, the gentler the shower, as the water is spread over a larger area. For a rain shower, choose a showerhead that is flat with a large diameter – a 300mm-diameter will offer the gentlest of showers, while one that measures 200mm will guarantee a shower that is slightly more powerful.

Also, be sure to choose a showerhead that offers good water efficiency, as water is a precious, and often expensive resource. By choosing a water efficient showerhead, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment, as well as saving yourself money on your utility bills in the long term.

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