Beautiful Modern Living Rooms

Beautiful Modern Living Rooms

Bath Enamel

The conditions of sharply contrasting temperatures, moist heat, abrasion from cleaning, and body pressure to which baths are subjected, impose a severe test which no ordinary enamel is fitted to stand. Specially treated stand oils are used for bath enamels that produce a hard yet elastic film under the severe conditions. Like other enamels, bath enamels have not good obliterative properties, and special undercoats which must also be hard and heat resisting are necessary to build up an even-coloured and smooth surface. Bath enamels dry to the touch in twelve to eighteen hours, but are not hard enough for use before forty-eight to sixty hours. A half-pint of bath enamel is sufficient for two coats on an ordinary sized bath. These enamels are also available in pale pastel shades as well as white.

Radiator Enamels

These enamels are also formulated to withstand conditions of constant heat and moisture. They can be obtained in a glossy or semi-glossy finish; this latter looks the most effective.


An undercoat is required unless the enamel being used is of the same shade as the present colour. The undercoats dry in eight to twelve hours, and the finishing enamels in twelve to eighteen hours. Covering capacity is about 70 square yards per gallon for both undercoat and finishing. Aluminium paint is quite suitable for painting radiators provided a heat-resisting medium is used.

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