Beautiful small living rooms

Their nanny came along.

But still. For two weeks1

I was their mom and their dad.

I drove them to school.

I fixed their meals.

Helped them with homework.

And then at the end of week one. Gasp1 A mountain of clothes’ Pajamas, school uniforms, and everything else.

So, I shoved ‘em all inside my laundry center. Almost l&kg of kiddie clothes. Spin. Spin. Spin.

Then I moved them into the dryer. Yes, all of them at once.

Not even one piece of clothing left waiting.

Whewl No more batch two. Just a simple chore I gladly did for my sweet little nieces.

Automatically shuts off tne air compressor itian turns into tan mode after reaching the limn set.

This con give you up lo 47% energy savings.


It has the ‘eatures of a sitle-by-side With a Smart Station for ctulnk access, to beverages and a spill-prool ica maker with ti removable water tank tilling system.

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