Our demographic, consumers ages 32 to 55, is hungry for rich looks, but they can’t necessarily afford a $10,000 table. We want to give them access to beautifully designed products that don’t require them to max out their credit cards. We may do a high-end collection later on, which would allow us to play with more expensive materials and manufacturing methods, and therefore broaden our creativity. But I see us as always having a range of products that the average person can afford. We don’t believe you have to dumb it down for the masses.

Our next collection draws inspiration from a different modern aesthetic that we believe flows seamlessly from our Brutalism range. It’s important for us to be true to our own design point of view, but we’re also keenly aware of what trends are happening, and we work hard to stay out in front of those trends.

It’s hard to predict where we’ll be, design-wise, five years down the line, let alone 10 or 20, though it seems reasonable to assume that we’ll still be splashing around in the pool of modern design. It’s such a rich palette that I can’t imagine us getting bored of it. This said, we may want to color outside the lines sometimes.

BEDROOM DESIGN 2016 Photo Gallery

Design Ideas For 2016 (3) bedroom design ideas Best Bedroom Design

Bedroom, dazzling. If you are planning to adorn your dexterous bedroom

Great interior design ideas for bedrooms for 2016


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