Bedroom Design Basics

Bedroom Design Basics

Baby Quilts

While I’ve made lots of quilts over the years, the one I am drawn to most is the baby quilt. Crib- and carriage-size quilts are fun to design and can be made rather quickly. Best of all a small quilt is the perfect wall hanging for a baby’s room.

Crib Quilts As Collectibles

With the ongoing surge in collecting American folk art, collectors have become fascinated with crib quilts. In fact, fine crib quilts and Amish quilts (both of which were taken for granted for years but are now somewhat scarce) are two of the most sought-after items in the antiques market. Because crib quilts are small, they can be hung as textile paintings in spaces that cannot accommodate full-size quilts. Even at the dramatically increased prices recently recorded, they are still a bargain as original works of art.

A Bit of History

It’s impossible to say who made the first crib quilt, but as with all quilts, these too were an invention born out of necessity, and they were made from scraps of worn clothing. The idea of quilting ties us to history, to the time when it was discovered that two layers of material filled with some light stuffing provided excellent protection and insulation against both heat and cold.

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