Bedroom Design For Year Old

Bedroom Design For Year Old

Homey, Extraordinary Rugs

Rugs that evoke personal images or memories, that impart a message, or are linked to family life are never ordinary. The messages found in these rugs range from the intensely personal to the profound or simple and straightforward. Some are quite humorous, while others have barbed or ironic messages hooked into them. Relatives by marriage, for example, were often the subject for humorous as well as spiteful sayings. Wives also vented emotions about their spouses in pictures and words, making these rugs among the earliest expressions of women’s liberation.

Rugs That Say Something

Not all storytelling rugs carry an original legend. Some repeat a favorite line from a poem or song; others carry a phrase that describes the illustration. Many “saying” rugs contain misspelled words. The most common message rugs are the little “Welcome” mats placed by the door. These have always been worked in a half circle to fit the sill of the door with the words worked across the bottom edge. The individual designs are as varied as the makers, but the message is unmistakable. A rug such as this at your front or back door would be delightful.

By the Hearth

“Home Sweet Home” hearth rugs were found by the fireplace in every nineteenth-century home. The lettering was often copied from a cross-stitch sampler and bore a resemblance to those careful creations. These message rugs have been made since rug hooking began and have never gone out of vogue.

Pretty Rugs

Bouquets, garlands, and baskets of flowers sometimes combined with fruits were popular subjects for early rug makers. The majority of old patterns were floral designs. Many elaborately detailed florals were made by the French of Acadia and Nova Scotia, often patterned after French textiles. The design might be a realistic bouquet, or a center motif surrounded by delicate garlands of soft colors or scrolls worked in pale rose and violet with a background of deep ivory. In New England, a floral rug’s background is more likely to be a brown or soft tan to match the pinewood floors.

Many well-designed florals were made in Waldoboro, Maine, and Durham, New Hampshire. Of greatest value are the florals with white backgrounds. Many of these early rugs are incredibly detailed and show excellent craftsmanship in the use of colors and shading. Again, a floral hooked rug needn’t be old to lend beauty to your home. Remember, it’s the look you’re after and it’s often difficult to distinguish an old rug from a new one.

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