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Does your bedroom need a little bit of a makeover well if it does stick with me because I have the four tips in decorating a beautiful bedroom. So tip number one when decorating your bedroom is you want to remember the bed is the focal point. So like the room is called a bedroom when you walk in the first thing you see is your bed. So this is going to help you in the layout of where to put it tip number two in decorating a beautiful bedroom is you need lighting lighting is key in any room and definitely key in the bedroom. So you need a bedside lamp for sure on each bedside table and you want to look for bedside lamps that are a little bit taller I see a lot of short ones beside beds and a rule of thumb for you is when you’re sitting in the bed if the bottom of the lampshade is around your shoulder that’s a great height for greeting tip number three is one that’s often missed is you need something behind your bed now this doesn’t apply if you have a really large tall headboard then that is your focal point but if you don’t which a lot of people don’t you need something above it.

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So this could be some sort of mirrored object this could be art this could be something textured but make sure you don’t forget about the space above your bed and tip number four my favorite you have to have pillows and for all the men out there I’m not talking about 50 pillows on your bed you can just keep it simple the pillows you sleep with maybe a couple shams and then a couple primitive upfront but don’t forget to add the pillows they add character and texture to your room. So just to recap if your bedroom needs a bit of an update remember these tips your bed is the focal point lighting is key for your bedroom remember something above your bed if you don’t have a really tall bed and hello. So you’ve got to have a couple decorative pillows and to help you get started I’ve included my list of the five things that every room needs and you can link for it below if you like this post and found it helpful I’d love it if you could like it it’d be great if you could share it with your family and friends and make sure to hop on over to Carla Dre or where I share weekly design decor tips and tricks that I only share in email thanks.

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