Bedroom design ideas for guys

Colour therapy

Colour is an effective way of creating an appealing mood in your bedroom space. The colour you choose to paint your walls can really transform the space. In general, most people would like to create one of three moods in their bedroom space, namely:

Dramatic: When trying to achieve a dramatic ambience in the bedroom, rich jewel tones are very popular, such as purple, ruby, navy blue and gold for example. While a dark dramatic colour can be a daring choice, they can often bring a touch of opulence and luxury into the space. Having said that, they can also make a room look very dark and gloomy, so if you are opting for a darker colour palette, be sure that your bedroom enjoys a lot of natural light. Also, a few carefully selected pieces of statement furniture or objets d’art, such as an ornately carved four-poster bed, or a large, richly textured oil painting for example, will go a long way to promoting a little bit of decor drama.

Calming: A calming bedroom is by far the most commercially popular choice, with the most widespread appeal. This mood can be easily achieved in your bedroom decor through your choice of colour palette – light neutral colours, such as beige, cream, stone, white and a variety of off-white tones are the ideal selection for creating a calm ambience. Also, although bedrooms with a calming appeal can be contemporary or classical, the trick is to keep the decor simple and uncluttered.

Uplifting: Creating a happy and uplifting atmosphere in your bedroom space is a great way to incorporate energy and positivity into your life. Pastel, spring colours, such as duck-egg blue and sunshine yellows are all-time favourites for setting this kind of mood as they add a definitive upbeat tone without overwhelming the space by being as harsh and loud as brighter colours.

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