Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas
Keep It Simple
My guest room is rather small. In order to make it function efficiently I furnished it with a white wicker trunk placed at the end of the bed for holding blankets and towels. Guests use this to hold a suitcase. A small dresser is all that’s needed, with a night table and lamps on each side of the bed. We then outfitted the closet with wire shelves, leaving just twelve inches for hanging clothes on one side. This makes it easy for guests to put clothes away, and between visits I use the shelves for storage.
The Bare Essentials
I asked several friends who have been guests or have guests often what a good guest bedroom should hold. From one, a full-length mirror on the back of the door. From another, a good reading lamp next to the bed. From my children, wall hooks so they don’t have to hang clothes in the closet. Better yet, a chair over which to drape the clothes.
The bed is the most important element. It should have crisp new sheets, not the leftovers from years ago. A sumptuous down comforter is great, or a light blanket for summer. A pretty patchwork quilt is delightful. Lots of pillows, both for sitting up and reading in bed and for sleepingwith some soft and some firm so your guest can choose which is best for sleeping. European pillows with oversize shams are wonderful.

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