Bedroom Design Photos

Bedroom Design Photos
Accessories for High Impact
Country style is a comfortable look for a bedroom. It is warm and cozy and easy to live with. Braided rugs are cheap, practical, and come in all sizes and colors. If this style appeals to you, consider adding a rocking chair with a quilted pillow and a small quilted wall hanging as artwork. A strip of Shaker-style pegs along one wall adds to the look and is practical. A mother of two small boys says she can’t imagine a room without pegs for hanging almost everything.
The Guest Bedroom
Since most guest rooms are used infrequently, they tend to serve other needs when not occupied by a relative or friend. My guest room is usually filled with things for which there isn’t enough room elsewhere. When my mother comes for a visit I simply tidy up and find temporary storage for the things I’ve piled on the bed or in the closet. Creating a pretty and comfortable guest room doesn’t take a lot of money and it’s quite satisfying to welcome a friend by providing a nice oasis no matter how long or short the visit. Since I live on a resort island, I know many people who entertain overnight guests in the summertime. Here’s how some of them accommodate occasional guests.
Creative Use for a Closet
A friend of mine has just repainted her son’s childhood bedroom. Now he comes to visit with a wife and baby. Since they never use the closet, but rather live out of a suitcase, she decided to make better use of that closet. When she replaced the twin bed with a double bed, it overwhelmed the space. So she removed the sliding closet doors and set the headboard of the double bed into the closet space. I suggested installing swing.lamps on each side wall as well as a built-in shelf for a clock and other essentials. A painting on the wall over the bed finishes what is now a cozy little niche.

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