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The bed is the main attraction in any bedroom space, and its aesthetics need to reflect this. Hour for hour, it is the most used piece of furniture that we own at any given time, and so it needs to be hard-wearing and durable. It serves to cradle and envelope us while we are sleeping and at our most vulnerable, and should be supportive and comfortable. It provides the place where we can peacefully retreat to our dreams and recharge our batteries – it is a most important piece of furniture indeed.

Beds need to be designed to be functional, beautiful, elegant and supportive, yet they also need to be able to add to the ambience of a space in an attractive, positive and inviting way. Here are some of the hottest bed design trends that are currently hitting the market.

Mid-century modern flair

A couple of years ago we started seeing the first wave of mid-century modern designs making their mark. These were further fuelled by period hit TV series, such as Mad Men for example, and today, mid-century modern appeal has become a mainstream, commercial trend that is shaping furniture design throughout the home, and especially in the bedroom. It is easy to see how this style caught hold -with its simple, clean lines, coupled with bold colours and retro patterns, it offers an ideal complement to contemporary modern living, in a bright and funky way. Beds that offer a definite mid-century modern appeal have a simple and sophisticated look that amalgamates styles popularised in the ’50s and ’60s, with a more modern undertone. They are usually crafted from solid wood, and boast a streamlined headboard and gently tapered legs. Their refined profile suits a number of different decor styles with ease.

Transitional transcendence

Transitional decor is at its most popular – combining a variety of old world styles with the new is bang on trend. This style offers great versatility and wonderfully interesting aesthetics and texture mixes. Matching bedroom sets are a big no-no here – rather being replaced by a carefully selected collection of items that come from a number of different periods and reflect an assortment of styles – valued for their individuality and uniqueness. We are seeing an influx of metallic elements, combined with a shift towards more nature-centric designs, and a real desire to upcycle items with interesting shapes, colour or textures. The look is rustic, yet elegant; timeless, yet modern; bohemian, yet versatile. Beds with an iron frame are especially suited to this style, as are old fashioned, hand carved beds and headboards with an old world European flair.

Green revival

Nature’s influence on decor has been around for decades, however, every year, it seems to gain momentum. Today, it seems that the presence of organic elements in the bedroom is an imperative to any successful design. Nature can be included in a number of ways – in a literal sense by adding pot plants, flower arrangements and a great view to the outdoors, through to the choice of colour palette and natural materials being used. With regards to bed design, the influence of nature is seen by the ever-increasing number of designs that boast organically inspired lines and curves, as well as the prolific use of natural materials, especially wood and leather.

Bolder and richer

As the quest for luxury gains traction, so does the impact of this lifestyle trend become ever noticeable in the design and decor world. In the bedroom, we are seeing more and more designers truly embracing rich, vibrant hues, and abundance of luxurious textures, and a surplus of sensory-tingling additions, including lighting, scents, accessories, soft furnishings, linen and flooring. The bedroom is becoming a space designed to pamper and indulge. The latest bed designs reflect this pursuit for decadent extravagance and clearly evident in the rise in popularity of four-poster beds and decadently upholstered headboards.


In the closet

Keeping your bedroom neat and clutter-free is important, and the only way of truly achieving this is to include the right kind of bedroom storage in the space in question. Bedroom storage is more than what it used to be in the past – with so many different storage options available today, storage has evolved into more than just a cupboard.

Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.

Finding innovative ways of maximising your space is key, especially in smaller bedrooms, while in larger bedroom spaces you can really go to town – including the likes of elaborate wardrobes and armoires, walk-in closets and dressing rooms.

Built-in solutions

Built-in closets remain one of the most popular storage choices for the bedroom the world over, and it is easy to understand why – they offer an excellent floor-to-ceiling, space efficient and streamlined solution. Also, their interior space is easily customisable to suit your individual requirements. Whether it is more hanging space, shelves or drawers that you require, built-in cupboards are usually modular in design and can be formatted to suit specific storage requirements. Customising the interior of a built-in closet will allow you to better utilise and organise the space available.

Walk the walk

Walk-in closets are arguably one of the most luxurious types of closet available to homeowners, and if the space is available, they also offer the most practical and user-friendly form of bedroom storage. Walk-in closets are often found in the form of a small room that leads directly off the master bedroom, which is lined with shelving and hanging space. However, their location can vary. Of late, a popular option is to include a walk-in closet as a means of dividing the main bedroom and en-suite bathroom, so you walk through the closet in order to reach the bathroom. The real beauty of a walk-in closet is that they are entirely customisable, and they offer the users the possibility to clearly see their entire wardrobe at a glance. They can be outfitted with a variety of different interior storage solutions – from traditional hanging space, shelves and drawers, through to more unique solutions such as pull-down hanging racks, shoe racks, tie holders, accessory and watch drawers and specialised handbag storage.

Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.

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