Bedroom Ideas Designs and Inspiration

Bedroom Ideas Designs and Inspiration
Home Away from Home
Lately I’ve been staying in hotels in various cities while on business. It’s given me a chance to assess what a really good home away from home should include. A magnifying mirror is a nice touch, a hair dryer, an iron, lots of pillows, fresh flowers in a vase, a writing pad with a container of pencils and pens, a few stamps, enough hangers for dresses, shirts, and pants, a terry bathrobe, oversize towels (preferably white), a real blanketnot a bedspread posing as a comforter, a carafe with a glass for water, a basket of fresh fruit, real art on the walls, and a few artifacts on the table that make the room less sterile. I guess that’s hoping for too much in a hotel, but certainly not in your own guest room. A telephone and phone post offer convenience.

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