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So if you have kids this post is for you. Whether you’re decorating a nursery or decorating a bedroom for ten year old. There are some common elements you need when decorating your kids room. I’m going to share my top five tips with you. So tip number one when your decorating your kids room is really want to think long term. And this is probably the hardest is when they’re babies, I know it was even for my girls when they’re babies, you want it to be cute and babyish, but that last such a short period of time. And even if you’re decorating for say my youngest now is four even say decorating a room her I want to think long term. I want to think what she go on be like when she’s six or she’s eight or she’s ten. Because I don’t know about you but even loving design, redecorating my kids rooms it’s not something I want to do all the time. So you want to think about choosing items that can last and stand the test of time as your child grows. So tip number two when decorating your kids room is you want to get a rug. Now I like a rug in most bedrooms but in say a master bedroom I don’t think you have to have a rug but in a kids room I think you do have to have a rug.

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For two reasons. One, from a design perspective I think it’s a great jumping off point if you find a rug that you love you can pull a lot of colors and ideas from there. Two is that kids are always on the floor so if they’re playing or they have friends over and play they’re always on the floor. So consider the rug from a design perspective but also from a functional perspective you want something soft and welcoming that they can play on. So tip number three when decorating your kids room is storage. Storage is king, or in our case storage is queen. Kids seem to have a lot of stuff and no matter how much you recycle or give away there’s more that seems to come in. So think of storage everywhere you can. Some of my favourite things to do for storage is use unconventional baskets and by that I mean I think you can overpay for some of the kid made bins and baskets. Just go into a store and things that you might use for yourself or things that make use for a laundry basket, some of those big woven ones, they come in different colour, now are great to throw in all the kids stuff and a lot of them come with lids. Another thing is books which I love that kids have books but again they can be everywhere.

Couple of my favorite tips for that is I’ve just gotten a simple book ledge, sorry little picture shelf and put it above my kids beds and they can put all their books on there as well. So storage is big, can’t forget it. Baskets and the picture shelf or books have been my two favourite things when decorating a kids room. So tip number four when decorating your kids room and if you have really young kids you may not be thinking of this yet but trust me it comes up super quick is kids art. Once they start doing art there is a ton of art, and it’s awesome, they’re proud of themselves, we’re proud of them they want to display it, we want to display it but it can get overwhelming of where to put it. So you want to think of this within your design and within your wall space.

So a couple ideas is a cork board. Of course you could just get a simple cork board covering it in a fabric would be nice and then you can display different pictures on there. Another idea that I’ve done that I quite like is found an old quite large vintage frame took out the middle of it, hung the frame and then different pictures went kinda in and out that the girls brought home. You can also just hang a string with clothes pegs along it. I like this one it’s really cute and then the kids can just clip up their art from there. So think about art you can also do a gallery wall as well with different frames and change it up. That may be a little more tedious but when you’re thinking of the design make sure you incorporate your kids art in it. And tip number five when decorating your kids room. Don’t paint it. And so if you’ve painted now don’t freak out but don’t paint it their favorite color. The reason I say this is that their favorite color could change and painting is sort of inexpensive and easy we say sometimes it is, it can be a pain and we don’t always do it. So instead think about wall decals. I think that’s a great way to change up the kids room change up the look. Maybe they’re into elephants at the time or into maps of the world or into space or stars or whatever it may be, or into certain colours you can find it in the wall decal. Have it in the room, when it changes take them off and replace it. So I hope these tips have been helpful when decorating your kids room. I know it’s gotten me inspired to do a few changes in my girl’s rooms as well. Leave me a comment below of some of your ideas that you’ve used when decorating your kids room. So if you like this post please like me, share me, and do comment because I do produce weekly posts on decor, design, and DIY.

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