Bedroom Lighting Ideas Vaulted Ceiling

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Vaulted Ceiling

Holiday Food Wraps
While giving food as gifts and creating interesting wrappings isn’t exactly a decorating subject, it is an extension of style. At Christmastime we are decorating our homes, wrapping gifts, and entertaining. Some people enjoy making gifts to give from their kitchen. Since many people give home-baked items at Christmastime, you might like to create interesting ways to give them. Thanksgiving at our house always includes one of my Aunt Reba’s cakes so I usually double the recipe in order to get a jump on Christmas. I make miniature loaves, freeze them, and make pretty wrappings to give them as hostess gifts during the holidays.
Native Foods
Nantucket has one of the country’s largest cranberry bogs and the cranberries are harvested in October. Since they’re fresh only at this time of year I like to make cranberry relish to store away to give as holiday gifts. Everyone off island loves this connection to the island. Perhaps there is something special about where you live that you like sharing with others. My stepson and his wife live on a farm in Ohio. They can a wide variety of vegetables, but everyone looks forward to receiving their special salsa made from the tomatoes they grow. If you make something special at Christmastime, why not create the perfect wrapping for it? It will become a tradition and your friends will look forward to receiving it every year.
Country Wraps
If you make jams or jellies or cranberry sauce, look for attractive glass jelly jars. These are available in the supermarkets. Sometimes they have special jars at this time of year. A friend of mine who makes her own jams found rounded glass jars with sculpted fruit all around. They were the same price as the plain ones. After your jars are filled properly and sealed, cut squares of gingham with pinking shears and secure the squares over the jar lids with a rubber band. Tie a satin ribbon around the lid. Make up your own labels (use the computer to give them a custom look, or handwrite with a gold pen for a homespun look) and attach a homemade card.

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