Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas
Washes are made from water-based paint. They provide a soft fmish but they are less flexible and less easy than glazes for the beginner because they dry quickly.
Washes are best applied over a matt emulsion base. For effects such as rag rolling, the wash needs to comprise 1 part emulsion to 35 parts water. For colourwashing, it needs to be thinner: 1 part paint should be mixed with as much as 8 parts water.
Colourwashing imitates the appearance of old-fashioned, distemper-painted walls and, as such, is particularly appropriate today, when natural, texture-rich interiors are popular. Some specialist paint suppliers continue to stock distemper, but it is relatively simple to recreate the same rough, slightly chalky look with thinned emulsion.
Because of the essentially uneven appearance of a colourwashed finish, it is a simple technique to master and looks particularly good on walls with a slightly irregular surface.
Because this is a very wet wash, ensure that you have covered everything that is not to be painted before you start.
Apply a coat of emulsion to the wall and allow it to dry thoroughly. Create the colourwash by thinning emulsion paint: 1 part paint to 48 parts water and then experiment on a small area until you find a mixture that is both easy to work with and which creates the soft gradations of colour you require. Using a large decorating brush, apply the wash in random, bold, criss-cross strokes over

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