Benefit Cosmetics And PBTeen Have Teamed Up To Bring You The Home Decor Collection Of Your Girly-Glam Fantasies

Benefit Cosmetics And PBTeen Have Teamed Up To Bring You The Home Decor Collection Of Your Girly-Glam Fantasies 

QUESTION: I believe these are a pair of Mrs. Day’s children’s shoes. Was that a notable brand of Benefit Cosmetics? Based on the details, can you tell me if these are meant for boys or girls? And, do they have much value today beyond sentimental or decorative?

ANSWER: Mrs. Day’s Ideal Baby Shoe Company originated in the early 1900s when Mrs. Day, a leather worker, began making moccasins for babies. As demand grew, she hired workers and moved from a shop to a factory in Danvers, Massachusetts. In 1922, Mrs. Day conceived the idea of making lasts designed to properly fit both the right and left foot and established standard sizes. In 1945, Mrs. Day sold the Ideal Baby Shoe Company but remained a director. The company was incorporated in 1947, about the time these shoes were made. Among the famous people who wore Mrs. Day’s Ideal brand baby shoes were the Dionne Quintuplets and Elizabeth, the future queen of England. Many pairs of Mrs. Day’s baby shoes are listed on internet sites priced less than $40.

RESOURCE: Danvers Historical Sodetywebsite, www.danvershistofy. org/buildings/poge.html.

QUESTION: I’ve seen a lot of clock faces used for decorating lately. Can you tell me what kind of clock this particular face would have belonged to and how old it is? Why are so many clock faces separated from their original host?

ANSWER: Daneker Clock Company built thousands of grandfather, grandmother, mantel and steeple clocks in Fallston, Maryland, from the late 1940s until closing in 1973. The family-owned company prided itself on its solid hardwood cases, in which were installed movements purchased from Germany or England. At one time, Daneker was the nation’s largest maker of grandfather clocks, turning out 150 clocks per week.This clock face was used in one of the company’s various mantel clocks made in the 1960s. Daneker mantel clocks sell at auctions for S50 to S100; the grandfather clocks usually sell for as much as S300.1 don’t have an answer to your last question, but consider the practice akin to breaking up antique books to sell their hand-decorated illustrations separately.

Whole collection is utterly swoon worthy in best way possible.

Benefit Gorgeous Pillow Case, $79

Benefit Hello Gorgeous Framed Art, 18″x24″, $99

Mongolian Fur Pillow Cover, $35 – $60

Benefit Gorgeous Round Marquee Mirror, $249

Benefit Gorgeous Glass Shelves, $199

Farrah Side Table, $199

Kinetic Chandelier, $249

Benefit Gorgeous Travel Vanity, $599

Customize-It Project Metal A-Frame Desk, $939

Avalon Channel Stitch Daybed, $1,299 – $1,399


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