A Berkeley Midcentury With Jaw-Dropping Views Asks $945K

A Berkeley Midcentury With Jaw-Dropping Views Asks $945K

Rely on candlelight. Nothing sets an old-time tone faster than candlelight, especially when it is a taper set in a hogscraper candlestick or a wall-hung sconce. Choose classic wax candles, or go with battery-operated versions that have a primitive finish.

A Berkeley Midcentury With Jaw-Dropping Views Asks $945K Photo Gallery


Go by looks. Antique light fixtures do not even have to be installed to make a major statement. For instance, the Carusos simply set an old candle chandelier on a blue stool in the foyer to give the space an extra dose of Colonial character.

Exterior, Flat RoofLine, Mid-Century Building Type, House Building Type, and Wood Siding Material A look at the home's classic midcentury facade. A lower level exists but is not visible from the front of the property. 

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Below: Following the classic decorating rule of three,a trio of firkins is stacked beside a cupboard, three samplers are hung together and three pull toys (two horses and a cow) are set about this corner of the sitting room.


Exterior, Mid-Century Building Type, Wood Siding Material, Flat RoofLine, House Building Type, and Brick Siding Material A bright orange door adds a pop of color to the home. 

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Opposite:To create a sitting area between the dining room and the foyer, the Carusos gathered a blanket chest, wing chair and cabinet and arranged them near a stack of domed trunks.The oil painting depicts a scene near their home, and the antique mirrored sconces hail from New England.

We buy pieces we are naturally drawn to, the ones that make you squeal on the inside like a child

Two trenchers hanging from a wood peg rack crown firkins and a bookcase full oftreenware in the foyer.

Hallway and Medium Hardwood Floor A skylit entry hall features a concrete block "living wall," as well as new oak flooring.

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Storage Room and Closet Storage Type Charming midcentury features like the original wood paneling exist throughout. 

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Living Room, Sofa, Ceiling Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, Standard Layout Fireplace, Chair, Wood Burning Fireplace, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Floor Lighting, and Storage The post-and-beam construction of the open-plan living room. 

Photo Tags: living room, sofa, ceiling lighting, medium hardwood floors, standard layout fireplace, chair, wood burning fireplace, coffee tables, end tables, floor lighting, storage

Living Room, Sofa, Chair, Coffee Tables, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Floor Lighting The open living room features expansive glazing with spectacular wraparound views. 

Photo Tags: living room, sofa, chair, coffee tables, medium hardwood floors, floor lighting

Living Room, Floor Lighting, Sofa, Medium Hardwood Floor, Chair, Standard Layout Fireplace, Coffee Tables, Wood Burning Fireplace, End Tables, and Storage The living room from the other angle. 

Photo Tags: living room, floor lighting, sofa, medium hardwood floors, chair, standard layout fireplace, coffee tables, wood burning fireplace, end tables, storage

Dining Room, Medium Hardwood Floor, Table, and Chair The dining nook also benefits from the breathtaking surroundings. 

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Kitchen, Laminate Counter, Brick Floor, Range, Range Hood, Pendant Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Wood Cabinet The kitchen is set off of the dining area. 

Photo Tags: kitchen, laminate counters, brick floors, range, range hood, pendant lighting, medium hardwood floors, woodcabinets

Kitchen, Brick Floor, Range Hood, Laminate Counter, Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, Pendant Lighting, Wood Cabinet, and Drop In Sink Wood paneling and globe pendant lighting add an authentic midcentury vibe. 

Photo Tags: kitchen, brick floors, range hood, laminate counters, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, pendant lighting, woodcabinets, drop in sinks

Hallway and Medium Hardwood Floor The hallway leading to the private living space. 

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Bedroom, Bed, Night Stands, Medium Hardwood Floor, Table Lighting, and Chair This bedroom has sliding doors leading out the deck. 

Photo Tags: bedroom, bed, night stands, medium hardwood floors, table lighting, chair

Bedroom, Night Stands, Bed, Lamps, Chair, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Table Lighting Another bedroom with a view. 

Photo Tags: bedroom, night stands, bed, lamps, chair, medium hardwood floors, table lighting

Outdoor, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, Planters Patio, Porch, Deck, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, Back Yard, Gardens, and Trees This is the deck off the living room. 

Photo Tags: outdoor, wood patio, porch, deck, planters patio, porch, deck, small patio, porch, deck, back yard, gardens, trees

Outdoor, Back Yard, Planters Patio, Porch, Deck, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, Trees, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, and Raised Planters Another glimpse of the views. 

Photo Tags: outdoor, back yard, planters patio, porch, deck, small patio, porch, deck, trees, wood patio, porch, deck, raised planters

Exterior, Shingles Roof Material, Glass Siding Material, Wood Siding Material, Flat RoofLine, House Building Type, and Mid-Century Building Type A view of the home's exterior from the backyard. Here, you can see the lower level which features laundry and an additional bedroom. 

Photo Tags: exterior, shingles roof material, glass siding material, wood siding material, flat roofline, house building type, mid-century building type


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