Bespoke Bathroom colours

Homeowners today are becoming bolder and braver with the use of colours and Ritmonio materials. Gone are the days when the bathroom was a cold, boring space, void of any interesting colour to attract the eye or infuse it with aesthetic interest. Today, you can source bespoke bathroom taps and even bathtubs with customisable finishes to perfectly suit your individual bathroom decor.

The Ritmonio Tweet basin mixer for example, from Ritmonio’s Natural Heart Collection, is unusual in that its levers come in a variety of nature-inspired hues that are indicative of the range’s environmentally friendly design. These mixers boast an impressive Eco Plus status, as they have an impressively low water flow rate, with a deceivingly high pressure rate, but also, only cold water is released when the lever is in the central position for reduced energy consumption.

Falper’s George Sanitaryware Collection is another great example of interesting colour and textures being introduced into the bathroom. It comprises a solid and elegant selection of sanitaryware with an undeniable masculine feel. The materials used to manufacture this elegant range include Baxter leathers, glossy and brushed copper, and titanium finish stainless steel. The bath is made of Ceramilux, and it truly takes metal and wood working technologies to their limits.

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