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When considering the design and construction of a pool, it is important to pay close attention to the way in which the pool will complement the existing house. For this project, the pool was built at the same time as the home, all designed to fit perfectly together. Like assembling the pieces of a puzzle, this pool was designed to sit nestled to the back of the house, allowing for seamless, integrated construction. “There was a need for a sense of scale,” says Steve Rae of Malibu Pools & Spas.

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“This was such a large house on a large property, so the pool really needed to be quite sizable to match.” As a result, the pool can be viewed from a number of rooms from within the home. The team at Malibu Pools & Spas had plenty of room to access the site, which was an acreage block with no slope. The modern pool with side entry and swim-out area was designed to be family-friendly. “The owners, a husband and wife with school-aged children, are part of a bigger extended family and the aunts, uncles and cousins come over often,” explains Steve.

“The owners wanted a large pool to cater to this and be able to entertain a lot of people.” Featuring deep water for swimming and spaces that are friendly for all ages, such as shallow areas for young children to play in, this design strikes the perfect balance for both kids and adults alike. When tackling any new project, the team at Malibu Pools & Spas believe a design that has regard for what the client wants — something that’s not necessarily easy for them to build but is sympathetic to the space that’s allocated to the pool and suits the client’s needs — is an integral part of the design process.

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