Martin Heidegger

Poetry, Language, Thoughts1

As far as we can discern the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.

Merely to exist is not human nature. Yet how the environments we create shape who we become is not fully comprehended in design. BEST BALI HOME DESIGNS We need deeper research in order to understand our aspirations for improvement. Only then can we design for enhanced states of the human condition, states that happen at the delicate intersection of the psychological, sociological, and physiological.

To provide meaningful design solutions that meet human needs, we must first define the experiences and qualities that constitute essential parameters. Design must embrace the human being as more than flesh and blood in order to reintegrate the abstract and the esoteric. Because design for interiors is the most inclusive of the design disciplines, and has the most fundamental connection to human nature, it is the one best suited to lead an exploration that will produce new criteria for design, working from the inside out. This is a particularly poignant role at the beginning of the twenty-first century, when humanity is racing toward the adoption of megastructures as a means of coping with the sustainable and social issues we face. Designed to house activities as broad ranging as farming, industry, education, housing, and entertainment, megastructures represent interiors that are no longer small-scale, individual environments; rather they are entire neighborhoods under one roof, which share fully integrated and balanced environments and thus constitute new ecosystems. To cope with such developments the interior must be seen from an unprecedented vantage, where science and art once again converge.

The new criteria for design have to include a comprehensive understanding of how man interacts with the physical and the phenomenological world. Design must evolve to satisfy yearnings for the intangible, such as peace of mind and trustfulness. While the tools to quantify human needs (both physical and abstract) exist, thus far we have only the rudiments of the experience and knowledge necessary for the designer to be able produce well-designed, supportive objects and spaces.







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