Best Christmas Decoration In Nyc

Best Christmas Decoration In Nyc

Painted glass

1 Tape the design behind the glass, trace out the design on the glass with leading paste and leave it to dry.

2 Using an artist’s brush, fill in the areas between the leading paste with specialist paints formulated for glass

Cleaning up and problems with paintwork

Gloss paint can look stunning. These panelled walls and wooden door have been given a glossy sheen in a warm shade of cream which reflects the incoming sunlight. However, if undercoat or primer is incorrectly applied, a top coat of gloss can end up looking dull. If this happens, wait for the paint to dry, sand and clean it, then re-apply the gloss.

Tools and equipment should be cleaned and put away before the finish dries on them. Close a can by placing a piece of wood across the top of the lid and tapping it with a hammer. Throw away dirty rags in an outside dustbin, preferably a metal one, after chemicals have evaporated. Clean metal tools such as shavehooks with water or white spirit and put them away.

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