Best Christmas Decoration

Best Christmas Decoration


Where a wall is to be panelled the size of the panels should be determined and struck out in lines beforehand. The number of panels will be determined by personal taste and the positions in which the larger articles of furniture are to be placed, but it is a sound principle to have too few panels rather than too many. In the case of small rooms one panel to a wall is often enough, and even in large rooms three to the largest wall is generally quite sufficient.

Where there are to be three panels, it is seldom wise to have them all one size. A large centre and two flanking narrower panels is often a suitable arrangement. How Panels are Formed

Panelling schemes are generally formed by hanging a plain or semi-plain paper to form the field of the panel and surrounding these, and dividing them from their neighbours, with what is called a “stiling” border. These borders are generally 7 or 10 inches wide. While the stiles are hung complete between the panels, they are often split in half for the top and bottom. Various arrangements are to be seen in Fig. 14, which also show the various methods of “mitring” at the angles.

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