Best Dining Room Design Ideas

Best Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are used for all sorts of family activities that have nothing to do with eating. Kids do homework on the dining room table. We play games on the dining room table and people often spend leisurely Sunday morning breakfasts with the newspaper spread out upon the dining room table. If you’re fortunate to have a room set aside specifically for eating you probably know the joy of having any meal, be it breakfast or Thanksgiving dinner, in this room.

Making Dining Special

It doesn’t cost much to make mealtime seem special. This is where many of us use things we may have inherited from family members: pretty tablecloths or placemats, ornate silverware, cut glass goblets, napkin rings, and candlesticks. None of these things seem out of place in the dining room. Of all the rooms in the house, the dining room is perhaps the least likely to be redecorated once it’s done. It is in this room that you can express your talents with creative table settings, artistically arranged flowers, and culinary delights.

Decorating a Dining Area

Even if you don’t have a separate room for dining and entertaining, you can create a wonderful oasis in a dining area that is either an extension of the living room or a space created as part of the kitchen. Room divider screens, for example, are perfect for closing off the kitchen area when you have guests. They take up very little room when folded and stored flat against the wall for everyday convenience. Another way to separate the cooking and eating areas is with visual tricks. You might hang a vertical row of pretty plates on a narrow wall between the areas. Hanging plants also serve as a visual divider. One friend has a large potted tree between the kitchen and eating areas.


There are a lot of interesting ways to paint the walls of a dining room or separate dining area. This is one time when you don’t have to be conventional. In fact it can be fun to walk into a dining room and be surprised by the color. Paint has to be the cheapest way to create a new look and a specific mood. I’ve seen magnificent dining rooms in bright red, dark charcoal, pale coral, and celery green and each had a totally different feeling. If you mix your paint color with glaze it will give a rich finish to any painted wall.

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