The Best Freezers for your Home


The modern refrigerator has gone a long way from the basic utilitarian iceboxes of yore. Now, not only does it offer more in terms of colour and style, it is far more feature-rich from the likes of smart and super handy storage compartments and in-built features that help conserve energy to bonuses like temperature and humidity controlled drawers.

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Top mount

With the freezer unit at the top and the bottom two-thirds dedicated to fresh-food storage, this traditional option is generally for those looking to fulfil utility needs, not necessarily for style. That said, there are some brands that load the top mount with pretty nifty features.

Bottom mount

Access to your fresh provisions is relatively easier as compared to the top mount when the compartment is at eye level. Take note, its freezer section typically boasts drawers instead of shelves, making it less versatile than its counterpart.

The Best Freezers for your Home


Split right in the middle with one side dedicated for frozen food, while the other stores your fresh provisions. This design veers towards narrower doors that need less clearance to open – making it ideal for restricted spaces.

French door

Open one door to access a specific item and prevent cold air from escaping, or enjoy unobstructed access and view when you open up both. Its accessibility and mega capacity makes it popular among industrious home chefs.

The Best Freezers for your Home

Single door

Some are equipped with an icebox chamber, while some sport a single compartment much like a bar fridge only bigger. This is a fit for kitchens that see little activity.

Samsung RL4354 BMF with Digital Inverter Technology

SMEG 50s retro style


LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator with

InstaView Door-in-Door (GS-X6011NS)

Samsung RL4004 BMF with

Digital Inverter Technology

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