Hey guys welcome back my name is Linda and, if you’re new you’re welcome I’d love to have you part of the family so don’t forget to hit the comment button before you leave so in today’s post it is something really special I’m doing a box swap with my friend here on her name is the glamorous Queen and her name is Karen she’s the most sweetest and kind hearted person that I’ve met I’m so thankful I’ve created a friendship with her and, if you don’t know what a box swap is is basically where we send each other box filled of gifts to each other and then we wrap it in front of you guys so I’m so excited to see her reactions and, if she likes everything I’m hoping that she does I picked everything out with a lot of love so yeah I can’t wait to see and share with you all all the things that she got me definitely check out her post I’ll link it down below in my description box along with all her social media she has a whole bunch of beautiful things that she posts always that she finds on her Instagram on her blog she does a lot of home decor haul she does shop with me posts and she lives in the area where there’s like a ton of home guys TJ Maxx and Marshalls so she’s always finding the best things you guys I have to show you how big and massive the thing is it weighs a ton and check how big this is it is literally bigger than me I have my scissors so let’s cut this bad boy open oh my goodness you guys look how cute she wraps everything oh it’s all so cute I love these little things this one said be a pink party dressed in a room full of little black dresses and then this one right here says blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her amen love that oh my gosh okay I’m going to turn the camera around.


So you can see my reaction now okay guys so this box is just so big I feel more comfortable standing up so and wrap everything and just look at everything in a better view okay your card says Linda I forgot to mention on the card there’s a three-piece set in the box i numbered them. So you don’t have to open an order. But just to wrap it together okay yes excited oh this is so cute oh my goodness already the card is beautiful okay so it says a girl should be two things who and what she wants that’s right and it’s by Coco Chanel super cute this is so beautiful she is the sweetest I’m serious okay I’m going to read you the card it’s just so precious she says my dear Linda I want to start by saying thank you for doing this off with me I can’t tell you how much fun I had going hunting for you we all know it can be a treasure hunt to find cute items I’m so happy to have met you through this swap. And I admire the kind of woman you are you make me want to see God more through text messages I have gotten to know you as a person and a wonderful friend that I have gained from this I’m so happy I reached out and you accepted we both know me and you can talk for hours so I’m stopping here I love you girl I’ll help you love everything now start and wrapping PS some of them wrapping some of the wrapping looks a little cry oh look Karen I love you so much girl thank you so much I can’t wait to see all your reactions and see and hear about everything that you love uh I can’t way thank you so much for all this I mean this card is just so amazing and the first thing I see is something that I’ve wanted for a long time is that beach Harry don’t care and this is the Sun half of the beach and I’ve looked everywhere for these I can’t find them anywhere they’re all so Dow I mean look how cute they are.

So I asked her, if she seen any around her stores and she was just like yeah see some so I’m so excited that she picked this up for me thank you so much Karen and the next thing I see is this super cute dog toy we have a dog his name’s buddy and he loves to nap all the time. So we always put little babies or sub next to him and connect like he has little brothers sister and so cute oh he’s going to love playing with this thank you so much girl oh sweet always thinking about every one of the family members I’m so happy you decide to add pink into your kitchen I hope you like this piece and hopefully makes you smile, when using it I wonder what it could be I’ve always wanted one of these thumper whenever we start making pizza or just anything in the baking they’re just so cute oh I love that pop of pink. And I love how neutral is thank you so much it’s so beautiful I was going to open it without reading the note I’m so excited these will look adorable in your kitchen you’re going to love them oh my gosh these are beautiful how adorable are these notepads and funny thing about this one is that I bought her wrapping paper with glitter and it had this design I thought it was most cutest thing ever. But I have never seen these notepads I love them thank you so much I’m so excited to put these on a fridge I’m going to look so cute on you Oh Karen have an apron this is so cute you guys took that detail out look at the little cute ruffles at the bottom this baby pink I love it oh I can’t wait to use it thank you so much you always find the cutest things so precious oh so excited I mean look so cute my friend yes these next gift says there was only one of these I thought it was adorable keep calm and carry on shopping says keep calm and carry on shopping I can’t wait to use this little mug thank you so much I love it the next ship says the best thing about memories is making them I picked this.

Because I know you love traveling. And I thought it was perfect, when do we do it thank you for thinking of me and my traveling I love to travel with my husband oh and there’s this gorgeous photo album family is where life begins and love never ends. And I love this baby pink and white stripe with the gold spot I’ve never seen this one thank you so much I can’t wait to fill this up with all our memories to come the next one says a few more makeup items test your cute little bag girl why did you get me I mentioned that I was starting to build up my makeup collection. And I didn’t expect you to send me all this tomato look at all this makeup you guys oh my gosh girl what did you send me this is an abusive so much send me a makeup forever lipstick eye makeup forever mascara Victoria’s Secret matte lipstick what can’t wait to try it I’ve never tried that I can’t wait to try all of this stuff all this is so new to me.

And I have heard of these I heard they smell so good thank you that’s a lip gloss the pixie eyeshadows oh my goodness these are beautiful I can’t wait to try these out then she got me the pixie eyebrow powders they are beautiful I can’t wait to use them thank you so much Kim for all the makeup you really didn’t have to do all this the next one says I’m so glad I was able to find at least one plus it’s a perfect size for travel and this wrapping paper is just so cute look at all that I love it where do you find this wrapping paper so cute oh you’ve got me the Marc Jacobs palette look at how beautiful this is I love these shades they’re perfect I had been searching everywhere for the Marc Jacobs palette ever since that she posted it on her blog all the makeup uh she found. And I’m so excited that she sent me this I told her, if she ever found any in her stores to please get anyone and she did so thank you so much Karen I love you so much I’m so excited I can’t wait to play with these tonight this one says this is for your mama I know she’s one of your best friends and, when I saw this I thought it had a beautiful message for her. So I will save this for her thank you so much I know she’s going to love it I really appreciate you thinking about her I love spoiling myself with these after shower what scream is is it’s the Dead Sea so face mask she has the best skin and the best skin products I can’t wait to try these out thank you so much Ken here is your backup I will continue searching for them, if I find more you better believe you’ll be receiving them Oh Karen it’s the KitchenAid gyro peeler and we’ve been looking for this pink KitchenAid stuff everywhere and it’s so hard to find. Because everybody really likes and it’s really popular in this baby pink color.

So I do have this one. But it’s always nice to have another set thank you so much for picking it up from this is going to look beautiful displayed in your kitchen I’ll just turn the wrapping paper I just so cute I’ve never seen this little pink base before I can’t imagine putting some flowers in here some beautiful white roses they’re just any little spring or summer colors I love it thank you so much Keep Calm in leshan and that’s so cute so precious she always finds the best things I’m telling me you have to fall around Instagram and her blog wow these are the velour lashes and I’ve never found these I’ve always heard of them and made of 100% real silk luxury lash thank you so much this has got to be the cutest, when I have ever found open it. So you can fall in love thank God they had to lol oh my goodness these are so cute she designed a life she loved I have never seen these before and you can get them at t.j.

maxx oh my goodness there’s how fat they’re beautiful I love it I can’t wait to decorate my kitchen it’s going to look all super cute. Because of you so this one says this is number one this one was hard to wrap a while excuse the crazy wrapping so amazing this is villainous she was talking about to open together. Because I do seem to injury with it I know I have some things that are really hard to wrap – you’re not going to believe me I was going to get you the same one that is gorgeous I love it number two be careful it’s glass and have a lid this is part of the peak set collection on the screaming so cute that is free she really gave me the cutest little set that I could have ever asked for look at that creamer everything is so darling thank you so much Karen I am going to treasure all of these I can’t wait to use it okay guys we’re like almost done we’re halfway through the box she has blessed me with so many things so I’m trying to go as fast as I can I thought these were so cute and different perfectly cute notes on your fridge I wonder these adorable flower magnets. Because shopping in style is very important I hope you love it as much as I do yes it is so important she’s not agree more oh my goodness I seriously wanted this ever since he posted it in your Hall.

And I was trying to look for this everywhere and it was really hard to find me so thank you so much for excited to use it thank you girl my mother always tells me the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house I hope you love this just as much as I do that is so cute I’ve never seen this I can’t wait to put some drawer thank you so much Karen I really love this I love these I have a said I wanted you to have some also these are so cute I’m serious I’m going to have the cutest little get-togethers and parties. Because of you with all this team they are baking little dishes the cutest planter on earth no you didn’t draw all my goodness I’ve never seen this in person I’ve always seen these on posts this is seriously the cutest little planner and they could put pencils in here you can put your scissors your stationery stuff. And I just love how you can put anything in here it’s so cute wonder, if you can drink from this not for food use so note just for decor such a cute piece for the kitchen this seriously feels like my birthday it feels like the holidays receiving tons of presents. And I love this idea we should do this more often just for your lawn now just give how cute is this says give me some sugar and it has a little thing too for the sugar that is so precious it’s by the strawberry Street brand and they always have the cutest item I was so happy, when I found this one I haven’t seen it since Christmas I hope you love it my hair seems second is a fun on here problem Wow she has outdone herself Karen you are the best you are too much look at you can’t wait to start baking pies so I’m going to be making some apple cinnamon ones.

And I have to look up recipe. Because I don’t really bake pies. So I can’t wait to start learning and using all these beautiful things you’ve gifted me spoil yourself I was so excited, when I found these they retail for six dollars each at Ulta this box is worth $60. And I got it for such a steal oh my goodness they are calling masks it’s the Caribbean coconut calming mask and there is a pack of 10 Wow I can’t wait to try these I’m going to try these as soon as I end this post and just pay for myself.

Because it’s been a pretty busy week and she got to use at Marshall’s for $7.99. But is such a great deal you did amazing I love the fact that you are a god-fearing woman, when I saw this I immediately thought of you I hope you love it please that is so beautiful my daily bible verse journal 365 pages full of art in Scripture I can’t wait to start using this this is much needed I especially was needing a journal. And I love the fact that it comes with a Bible verse for each day there’s some pictures I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me that’s pretty blue black and white stripes these are beautiful thank you so much I know you told me you didn’t have an office.

But I can pass this deal up you can save them or use them for writing little note and how cute is that the notes the paper clips oh my goodness it’s also keying a little notepad I can’t wait to put this in our future office thank you so much Karen okay guys. So we’re down to the last three gifts and this is the third one so it says this one is very random. But I thought it was so cute I picked up for myself also hashtag swimming I’m so happy you’re able to find another one a shower cap oh that’s so cute it’s a shower cap and has nail-polish and mascara that’s so cute I can’t to use this you know shower caps are always in episode the teeth doop looks pretty and smells pretty she got me a candle that is so precious it’s the Earl Grey and lime good I love this, and we are down to the last gift I am so excited now to see your post. But let’s go ahead and just finish this last one I know you’re trying to build your makeup collection.

So I thought this would be perfect for you plus I think it matches the color of your new luggage I just got a new luggage and it stains. And I have it in a hole that I’ve tasted recently and this is a and oh my goodness I love it I was like a nice blue material neat inside with the gold zipper from TJ Maxx it was $9.99 from the Dabney Lee collection. So that concludes the post I hope you all enjoyed it I certainly did thank you so much for all the beautiful gifts and all the makeup Karen you really outdid yourself.

And I’m so thankful for you I hope you enjoy all the things that I send you so everybody could check out her post now I’ll link everything down below in the description box and sure lots of love comment to her blog and follow her on Instagram you will not be disappointed so as always thank you all so much for reading have a beautiful last days how I look after a day’s working posting.

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