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Complementing the cutting-edge technology of the Finion collection is a well-designed, scratch-proof furniture range consisting of modular shelves, cabinets with handle-less doors, and push-to-open drawers with a delicate 8mm-thick exact edge as well as faceted borders. The base units and vanity washbasin also fit together in perfect alignment to give a sleek visual look, and come with complementary furniture, such as side cabinets and a universal shelf. There is even an optional smartphone charging station for the side cabinets and shelves.

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Besides classic black, white and grey options, German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen’s inspiring colour range includes trendy hues such as green Cedar, soft blue Cloud, violet Peony and vibrant yellow Sun. Set against dimmable emotion light features in the shelves and mirrors with illuminated LED borders, an optional sound system, and an anti-fog function, the result is an excellent feel-good experience within a chic space.


The jewel in the Finion crown is the free-standing monolith bath, made from the finest proprietary Quaryl material that is durable, stable and easy to clean. Delicate yet precise with an extremely thin 15mm edge and compact measurements, it is ideal for smaller bathrooms, yet provides a comfortable soak with its generous volume. Feel cosy with the all-around ambient lighting, which is dimmable by remote control, and pump up the glam factor with an optional design ring in Chrome, Champagne or Gold. Then, you can truly say you’re floating on cloud nine, while on a pedestal of light

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