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It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of city life, which is why it seems ever more essential for our homes to provide a cosy respite from the hustle and bustle. Your bedroom is the fi rst place to start—bring home the Swedish concept of lagom and master the art of mindful living. Lagom is a Goldilocks-esque concept that roughly translates as “not too little, not too much—just right”. Essentially, it is all about living in a sustainable, balanced and comfortable way.

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“Often, we over-buy, over-decorate and pack too much into our homes without thinking if our purchases are necessary,” says Andrew Tan, owner of furniture and lifestyle store Atomi. “Lagom is about living within your means on a daily basis.” According to Tan, the concept favours simplicity and neatness. “Invest in versatile pieces that can be easily repositioned to suit your needs within and even beyond the bedroom—this not only keeps things tidy, but also allows you to maximise space when needed,” says Tan, who also suggests choosing furniture with simple shapes and clean lines, natural materials such as wood, as well as fabrics in warm colours.


Launched at Salone Del Mobile this year, the Pocket chair by Spanish design studio Stone Designs and Swedish fi rm Blå Station helps to minimise clutter with its secret cup-like compartment. Concealed under the seat, it serves as storage for bags, gadgets, scarves, jackets, or anything else that might make your room look messy.

Neo also suggests using a nude palette to brighten the room, and incorporating plants, patterned throw pillows or an oversized mirror to enliven an otherwise spick-and-span concept. Emelie Hedén, the Swedish founder of Scandinavian vintage furniture brand Möbler, explains that lagom doesn’t mean bedrooms devoid of decoration.

“Lagom encourages us to live a simpler life through conscious shopping—purchasing pieces you truly love and that will stand the test of time, rather than getting a momentary buzz from an impulse buy. So edit and curate your furniture and accessories until the best is left.” She adds that Scandinavians love wood and cast iron, as well as mixing and matching styles and textures, which can take a muted bedroom to a new level. “Swedish homes are very much infl uenced by nature, so go for layers of natural materials such as linen, wool and wood to add warmth to your abode,” she says. Here are some smart buys that can help make your bedroom look and feel just right.

Integrate shelving into your bed to streamline the design of your room and provide storage for a clutter-free space Terence Neo, design director of Singaporebased interior design studio Eightytwo, says less is more when it comes to lagom. “The key to a clutter-free look is customisation,” he explains. “A smaller, well-planned wardrobe with tailor-made drawers, niches and hanging rods that complement the type of clothes you wear is much more useful than a large, unplanned wardrobe.”

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