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Accentuate details of an artwork with a rug inspired by its design; or frame your bespoke rug like a work of art. The Rug Maker offers customised rugs that can be crafted in almost any design or size. “Rugs are more durable and threedimensional, as opposed to a painting that you would not touch,” Melvyn Khong, sales manager of The Rug Maker. He adds: “You can frame the rug up, or even display it on your wall with a specialised rod with nails that holds it up, as we would recommend, to see it in its full tactile glory.”

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Antique furniture can add characterful textures to any home. “Embrace different styles and colours so you don’t end up with a cookie-cutter home, but one that tells your story,” shares Chantal Travers, owner and director of FairPrice Antique. For example, a blue antique medicine chest would work well in a living room with a vintage Scandinavian teak armchair or bench-style sofa, while a Mongolian painted cabinet can assert its uniqueness while blending into an industrial-style dining room with lamps in metallic fi nishing.


Designed to resemble an actual picture frame, The Frame television by Samsung appears like an artwork when its Art Mode function is turned on. The television will display a selection of digital art commissioned for Samsung, or a favourite photo or artwork from your personal image library. Built with a brightness sensor and a motion detector, both the 55-inch and 65-inch models are able to adjust to ambient lighting and blend in with the rest of your decor; it fades to black when there is no one in the room.

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