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A long corridor leads to the four bedrooms, each customised with its own theme and colour scheme. Shades of grey on the furnishings defi ne the masculine character of the father’s bedroom, while blush and fl orallike decorative elements imbue the mother’s room with femininity. On her sister’s request, serene shades of blue and copper accents were included in her room, for pops of colour.

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As the lady of the house favours gilded trimmings, metallic details are found within the master bedroom. At the entrance, an embroidered fabric from Italy is framed as an artwork. Since she also requested for additional storage, the design team picked out gold display shelves and a matching glass table. Mirrored panels were also added beside her bed to mimic the refl ective door that leads to the walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom, while an adjacent balcony provides another cosy space for contemplation.

“Divya and team did an excellent job transforming the apartment into a stunning home—they listened to our ideas, but also pushed us out of our comfort zone, which is what I think a designer should do,” says the owner, who was “blown away” by the results. She concludes: “My family and I are very pleased with the modern and timeless design, especially the colour schemes within the rooms and all the little decorative touches.”

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