Best Kitchen Tile Design Ideas

Best Kitchen Tile Design Ideas


I Make cuts in a tile-sized piece of paper. Press it around the obstacle and fold back flaps. Cut along the fold line.

2 Using the template, mark the curve onto the tile. Place 3 Release the tile from the vice and gently smooth down

The tile in a vice and then cut out the shape with a tile saw. the cut edges using a tile file horizontal and vertical cuts with a felt-tip pen or chinagraph pencil. Place in a clamp, and cut down each line with a tile saw. Dab extra adhesive onto the back before securing it.

Finishing off

Many tiles come with a coordinating range of edging tiles. You may wish to incorporate one of these, or to use wooden moulding or plastic trim strips. Wooden mouldings are attached to the wall at the end of the job; plastic strips need to be attached at the beginning, before the tiles. Ceramic coving at the edge of a bath makes a neat, waterproof seal.

Fill in the gaps between the tiles with grout. Allow the adhesive to dry out completely before even thinking about doing this. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to the drying time; it is usually at least 12 hours ind can be as much as 24 hours. Grout can be bought as powder or premixed. Apply with a plastic scraper. Use a waterproof grout md sealant (see below) in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, where the tiling is likely to come into contact with moisture.

Remember to use waterproof grout for bath and shower surrounds and epoxy grout tor work surfaces to keep them germ-free. There are also new stain-resistant grouts available less likely to pick up dirt, they will thus maintain a fresher appearance for longer.

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