Best Living Room Decor

Best Living Room Decor


Two separate qualities are supplied, inside and outside; these dry with either a high gloss, semi-gloss or matt finish. Whilst enamel paints are made by the addition of varnish, real enamels contain specially treated oils which make them resistant to repeated washing, abrasion and permit them to flow out well so that no brush marks occur.

Enamels are of thick consistency, and must be brushed out well; they have very little obliterating properties, and the work must be brought up to a uniform shade with a suitable quality undercoating, or a patchy finish will result.

On no account should enamels be thinned; if too thick to brush out well the tin should be placed in warm water for a short time before using. Dust-free surroundings are essential to good results when applying enamels, and should a second coat be necessary, the first coat, when thoroughly dry, must be “flatted” with pumice dust and water. At least two days should be allowed for the first coat to harden before flatting.

Enamels dry dust free in twelve to eighteen hours, and hard enough to handle in about thirty hours. One gallon will cover about 70 square yards. Use good quality enamels; a cheap enamel will rapidly lose its gloss and may crack in a short time; whilst relatively expensive in first cost, a good enamel will repay the extra expense by permitting a finish to be obtained that will last for years.

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