Best Living Room Decoration Ideas

A DECORATING PROJECT is an exciting adventure. It is also an awesome challenge. If you are decorating one room then you must take an empty box, composed of a floor and ceiling and four bare walls, and transform this box into a liveable, attractive room in which harmonious elements have been synthesized into a rewarding whole. If you are working with a complete home or apartment, you will be planning individual rooms as part of a well integrated, cohesive, through-the-house decorating scheme.

In any case, you will often be faced with problems and decorating dilemmas that even the most experienced professional will find vexing and ponderous. How can you, the amateur designer, cope with the challenge of decorating? The purpose of this book is to present you with numerous suggestions that should give you guidelines as to how the skillful interior designer works. Rooms illustrated here are meant to inspire and are not to be imitated. Take from them what is best for you and your family, what suits your particular home, the size and shape of your room or rooms. Create from this an environment that has real meaning for you and the way you live.

The big question always is, “Where Do I Begin?” Before a single choice is made, you must work out a floor plan, a color scheme, a style that you feel comfortable and at ease with. Are you a confirmed traditionalist, or do you like the mix of old and new? Do you have lots of company? Do you like vibrant colors or the understated neutrals? Do you want a formal or a relaxed, casual atmosphere? Answer these questions for yourself, and then start to work out your own design for living. Consult the decorating staff at stores where you expect to make major purchases. They are trained to help you begin your plan and to carry you through to a successful conclusion.

Our first chapter will take you through all the ramifications of initial planning. You will see the current styles of decorating as interpreted in a variety of ways. Scan through these to find a style you want to live with. Our color schemes in our chapter on color will demonstrate some of the most popular and attractive color themes being styled today. You will also find other ideas in the many colorful room settings throughout the book.

Well designed backgrounds will give your interior the architectural interest it may lack, and will provide furniture and accessories with a beautiful and interesting backdrop. Our chapters on walls, windows, ceiling treatment and floor design, will give you numerous ideas on how you can “Set The Stage” for your home furnishings.

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