Best Quick Lighting Coals

Best Quick Lighting Coals

Right Place to Begin

It is best to start papering a ceiling at the window side of the room, with the lengths running across the light. But even ceiling angles or plaster cornice edges are not always quite straight, and therefore it is best to strike a line through two marks made at each end, 21 inches from the ceiling angle or cornice, and work to this. The space between this line and the said angle or cornice can be filled in afterwards. The whole reason for the chalk lines is to begin on a perfectly straight line, and this is all-important if the job is to be neatly done.

Removing Whitewash from Ceilings

This is at the best of times a messy job. To avoid ruining the wall finish and contents of the room, the walls and such furniture as cannot be conveniently removed from the room, should be covered with dust sheets. These sheets should be attached to the top edge of the wall, close up to the angle of the ceiling, so as to afford the greatest possibleprotection. All carpets and similar furnishings should, of course, be taken up.

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