Putting It Together

Some small, prefabricated saunas are easy to put together. All components are preassembled, and each half of the sauna fits through a standard doorway. All that’s left to do is to connect the two halves.

which appeals to people who don’t like the superhigh temperatures of a more traditional sauna.

To help you navigate the sweltering sauna terrain, here’s a brief discussion of the components that compose today’s saunas.

 You will consume a variety of calcium sources (provided in later chapters) that are most beneficial to mother and growing baby as they boast a multitude of other nutrients in addition to bioavailable calcium Principle (5) Restrict processed foods. Yes, it may happen (and it may happen more than once) you could have a craving for something out of a box! You do not have to eat perfectly 100 percent of the time to have a healthy pregnancy (I will explain the 90/10 rule later in this chapter), but processed foods cannot be relied upon as a normal staple in your food regimen. Most processed foods are high in sugar, carbohydrates, additives, and preservatives, and they do not offer naturally occurring nutrients that are imperative to your growing baby. Principle (7) Choose gluten-free, low-glycemic foods as a primary carbohydrate source. The Glycemic Index is a measurement tool used to gauge how carbohydrate-containing foods affect blood sugar levels. Coincidentally, gluten selections such as bread, crackers, pasta, and cereals, are high-glycemic, causing dramatic rises and dips in blood sugar levels which can lead to cravings, fatigue, and gestational diabetes. Low-glycemic carbohydrate choices such as green vegetables, berries, beans, and quinoa help to maintain even blood sugar levels and satiety by breaking down into glucose at a much slower rate.

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