Best Thali Decoration Images

Best Thali Decoration Images

Cut-out Decorations

Cut-out borders and built-up schemes are often used. In these goods the pattern is already punctured along its outline, and it is quite simple to tear off the selvedges with the fingers, after the paper has been pasted.

The paste used for these “cutout” decorations should not be too thin. After fixing them lightly to the wall with the hand or brush, they should be pressed home with a soft, clean rag, paying particular attention to the serrated edges.

Papering the Ceiling

In papering ceilings a rather different method is required.

A plank and two step-ladders will be needed to form a scaffolding. Moreover, the lengths required will probably be longer than in the case of the walls and therefore they will, in pasting, require to be folded rather differently. A succession of folds about 8 to 10 inches is a convenient form.

The folded and pasted paper is carried on a spare roll in the left hand, and, when the worker has mounted the plank, he takes hold of the end of the paper in his right hand, applies it to the ceiling, and brushes it across so as to attach it properly. Then walking along the plank he brushes with the right hand while he allows the paper, upheld on the roll in his left hand, gradually to unfold.

This is not an easy thing to do correctly without considerable practice, and it is well to have an assistant who will hold up the pile of folded paper while his colleague does the fixing and brushing.

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