Best Wedding Decorations From US

Best Wedding Decorations From US

Swags and tails

Hung from a pelmet board, swags and tails create an illusion of continuous drapery. Made up in many forms, swags and tails range in complexity from one swag to many and from pleated ones cut from several pieces of fabric to gathered ones made from a single piece of cloth. Swags and tails are best suited to full-length curtains on large windows.

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A lambrequin is the name given to a flat fabric shape which frames the window. Usually hanging down at the sides, it can front a blind or simple net or lace curtain, or it can stand alone at a window where no curtain is necessary.


In addition to being made into pelmets and lambrequins, fabric can be gathered or sculpted into folds or pleats, making a type of short fixed curtain known as a valance. An attached valance is a decorative fold of fabric which hangs down from the top of the actual curtain, giving you the best of both worlds as you have a handsome curtain top and you can hang the curtains from a pole.

Fabric can also be draped across the top of the window, with or without curtains or a blind. It should be lined to give it body and support, and can then be arranged over and fixed to a pole or rod (separate from the curtain pole if there is one), wooden or metal curtain hold-backs or some other prop.

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