The Big Fridge Sort Out

We can’t make a ready-cooked dinner magically appear

in your fridge, but we can make it more user friendly…

1. Line ’em up

Ninety-nine bottles of beer in the fridge-well, not quite but it can feel like it when they are taking up precious storage space. Enter the Mode Fridge Monkey; a nifty rubber mat with grooves to help you stack beer (or wine) bottles and cans into a space-saving pyramid – and make sure they don’t roll around in there.

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2. The all-in-one

Forget multiple trips from the pantry to the dinner table – a condiment caddy takes the heavy lifting out of carting bottles of tomato sauce, mustard, or salt and pepper to the table and back. Instead, you’ll pick up one caddy and everything will stay together. How clever?

3. Stack ’em high

Choose stackable storage containers that slot into each other when not in use (just imagine how much cupboard space you’ll save!), and stack neatly on top of each other in the fridge when full. With a selection of bright colours, they’re practical and pretty, too.

4. The two-in-one

Say goodbye to soggy salads with the latest innovation from Consol: the Jar in a Jar. The three-piece set comes with two jars and one lid which, when closed, joins the jars together. If you like to prep your meals the night before, these are perfect for storing your salad and dressing, or yoghurt and muesli, so they don’t go to mush before 10am.

5. Date it

We have all found suspicious leftovers at the back of the fridge, so we’re not judging.

But here’s a smart solution: a nifty plastic container with a changeable date dial so you can ‘date it, not waste it’ and know exactly how long that lasagne’s been there.

6. Save it

Sick of throwing out fruit that’s past its sell-by date? Put them in this preserving bag and you’ll keep fresh produce at its best for up to two weeks – bags available for bananas, berries, and avos.

1 Mode Fridge Monkey, R79, 2 Condiment caddy, R29,99, The Crazy Store 3 14-Piece rectangular food saver set, R149,99, Mr Price Home 4 Jar in a Jar, from R59, 5 Joseph Joseph dial-storage food container, from R249, 6 Infinity Berry Preserving Bag, R129,

What to put where

Part of keeping produce fresh for longer is where in the fridge your store it. Here’s where your fresh ingredients should go:

The bottom of the fridge is the coldest part so store your meat there – the bonus is that it won’t leak on other food.

D on’t keep fruit and veg together, but store them both in a designated crisper drawer.

Group eggs, cheese and butter together and place them in the door compartments or on the top shelf – try not to keep milk in the door as it’s then exposed to warm air every time the door’s opened.

Keep leftovers at eye-level (you’re more likely to eat them that way) and label what you can.

Cold meats need to be in the coolest spot, which is in the deli drawers or at the bottom and back of the fridge.

Keep shining

Let’s face it – no one likes doing the dishes. In the time you spend washing up, you could be doing any number of more important things, like catching up on a series, or reading your favourite magazine. Whatever it is you’d rather be doing, M AQ Dishwashing Liquid can help make that happen – and at a great price, too!

What makes MAQ Dishwashing Liquid so powerful? MAQ contains concentrated pure limonene, a degreasing agent extracted from lemons. The active lemon works hard to cut grease from pots and pans, so even after a Sunday morning fry-up your dishes will be left shiny clean, in record time.

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