Black and White Interior Design Ideas

Black and White Interior Design Ideas

Monochromatic colors such as black and white are always a classic touch to any home. White is simple and candid virtually any household can use this color. It radiates a pure room and supplies the illusion of having a large space. Analogous to the first snow of the winter, wedding dresses, and clouds dotted over the sky, white is such a crisp and pristine color that will never get old. However, white can also give off the impression of an empty room. For this reason, skip the color white forliving rooms and children’s rooms, and instead use it for the bathroom or kitchen.

Meanwhile, black radiates a sense of power and supremacy. Although it really is a bold and daring color, it can also give an impression of a negative environment. For this reason, use black in moderation, such as accents to an area. Nevertheless, if you truly desire to place all-black furniture as the main piece in an area or paint an entire wall black, keep in mind that using black after that should be at an all-time minimum. Instead, pair it with bright hues, such as yellow or a lime green.

Once you have extracted loads of inspiration and knowledge of color psychology, it’s time to put them into play. Read further to learn how to create your own mood board.

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