Blue Interior Design Ideas

Blue Interior Design Ideas

Blue gives off a relaxing and serene feel, making it perfect for your bedrooms or any room that you want to have a peaceful feel. The downside, however, is that a blue room can make it seem uninviting and chilly, especially if you’re going to use a dark blue shade. The results can be sad and depressing if you don’t offset it with some warmer colors. If you want blue to have a calming effect on your room, choose brighter or softer tones like periwinkle or cerulean as your main room color. Blues work best in rooms that receive lots of natural light.

For smart contrast between colors, white works well with blue and gives the whole area a very clean feel. Look at the image below and you will see how blue can be introduced without actually being the main shade in the room, although it still retains its dominance over the style of the room

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