We’re thus our girls and today we have a DIY for you obby.

So we were feeling very Moroccan vibes and today I am boho vibe loom are we cool yet guys cool. So we made some Moroccan inspired mason jar lanterns yeah we did they’re really easy to do I’ve seen these online for so expensive and always thought that they were a lot hard to do. Because they’re so pricey yeah so crazy is intricate mm-hmm. But really, when we start doing it it’s really easy to do, if you can doodle on a piece of paper then you can make these it’s pretty easy tagline for the day, if you can do it you can do it I love that love that okay thank you shirt design links below for last t-shirt design, if you aren’t in love with the whole boho look it’s okay like you can also just use this tutorial to tint your own Mason dress which is like so much easier than I thought it was I thought it’s a lot hard lot harder to like you’d have to actually dye them.


But it’s someone like Pro Set like soaking them I don’t know. But it was like super easy so it’s tinting and it’s learning how to like doodle yep, and we just kind of were inspired by different designs we saw online so get creative and do kind of your own designs whatever you’re feeling yeah and lastly these are amazing gift ideas like as we’re making them we’re both like yes a good gift idea good you have a housewarming to go to or anything just like it’s a friend’s birthday Christmas doesn’t matter add it on like it could be an additional – a present right just that personal touch anyways you guys wanted this yeah so here’s how we did them just are you’re going to need a glass mason jar any size will work to make the die mcc’s we’re going to add one tablespoon of modge podge obviously don’t spill it all over the place like we did that was yes in the happy tablespoon of water add five to seven drops of whatever food coloring you want for this one we’re making a magenta.

So we mix five red and one blue stir everything until it’s well mixed pour your mix into your mason jar and shake it around and swirl it until its coating almost all of the inside with color flip it upside down on a covered baking sheet and let the rest run down to cover the entire inside let it sit for an hour to let any excess color run out after an hour you can pick up your mason jar and wipe off any extra color around the rim then we’re going to place our mason jar in a oven that’s heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or on a warm setting we’re going to bake our mason jar with the open side up after 45 minutes take it out and your color should be dried to the perfect tint make sure to wear elements as the glass will be very hot coming out of the oven once it’s cooled we’re going to paint on our design we did a rough sketch of our pattern onto a piece of paper we did this by combining a couple of inspo pics from the internet you can just search moroccan lantern the paint we’re using is this 3d opaque glass enamel paint and gold that we got from Michaels we started with a ring of polka dots and then followed by some loops we also marked out on our sketch where we wanted our rhinestones to go so make sure that you leave some gaps in your paint for these later we then added some smaller dots followed by some more new shapes next we had some loopy frills gifts in a real technical term followed by some sideways braces we filled those in with three little lines followed by you guessed it more polka dots to finish it off we added some little vertical lines paint the base we did a similar design you kind of get the idea by now we attached little teal rhinestones in various places around the design with some superglue for our handle we’re going to use some 20 gauge gold wire start by looping a single rim around the top of your mason jar and twist it tight into place cut a slightly longer piece and hook each end under our first frame then we’re going to use some pliers to twist the ends of the wire into a simple ring. So that the handle can move we also created a blue tinted version with a slightly different gold pattern alright.

So that is our Moroccan inspired boho mason jar lantern easy right yeah knockout definitely very easy let us know, if you guys make your own what colors you do shyness your design. Because we’d love to see them I’m so excited I was getting so inspired like as you’re making those like a new take make more and more colors yeah designs it was so good and guys, if you didn’t know already we’re having a meet-up so August 22nd, if you’re in the Toronto area please come see us at our Meetup and we’re actually selling your DIY we’re literally thinking and making a couple more give them away super cheap mm we’ll have one or two DIYs that we already made like pre-made self you guys yeah and we’re giving away lots of free craft supplies and plus is just gonna be a really fun day we’re having like lots of other people come hang out with that like hopefully someone’s gonna come to flash tattoos yeah music drinks Emma namely so much fun we have a photo booth so just come hang out for a couple hours and all the informations below for you to check out just make sure you click the Facebook link below and click join just me know homie people are coming and now I’ll give you all the details like today definitely, if you guys did like this dr let us know, if you want to see any more kind of bohemian via Byard room decors. Because there’s a couple more that we were seeing moment as well we’re like yes need to make this for our rooms as well yeah and show you guys how to DIY them so let us your thoughts and, if you want to see more thank you guys so much for reading and, if you liked it liked it and, if you loved it sub N and become a commentr thank you is so beyond happy you’re doing giveaways look up that’s coming soon yeah we’re just getting all the things together so it’s gonna be a good one good one I hope you guys next Tuesday I bye.

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