Boho Indie Room Decor from the Thrift Store

We’re just the one of the Urban Outfitters post today we are pop and go new year real me post mistakes y’all hi guys my name is Abby and we’re the scigirls we’re back to in one of our all-time favorite series brooklet dirt slap today honestly i don’t know what we’re gonna do I think storage is the thing that I know you guys are always interested in.

So we’re gonna keep that in mind yep and just see, if it didn’t like jumps out at us and looks cool alright let’s go no sorry getting this for the LOB it’s one of those like banana holders I think it’s a spice rack are you personally shopping right now Maggie I got you right okay we’re back in the turf sir, and we got some cute DIY. But then we just found cute things that we wanted personally yeah literally I’m like I’m buying this and he’s like I’m buying this. And I’m like okay just like do something with all this stuff that we’re buying like is this not the cutest watering can although I think it’s maybe for milk or cream. Because it was in aisle I don’t know I’m obsessed I found these like frosted little glasses and trying to always like grow the plant France am literally by like cutting off snipping and growing them so yeah little plant or even like a candle in that okay yeah so those are some like decor pieces that inspired like a vibe in the loft.

Boho Indie Room Decor from the Thrift Store Photo Gallery

So we’re gonna DIY some bigger things that can kind of add to the vibe. So I was just like record browser myself and found some cool records. But that made us think, when we had to the dish not the dish rack I’ll like though we were just walking around yeah there’s this dish rack and we’re like could this beat I was like a record hoarding me like it it’s it I can’t believe with not what it’s meant for okay upcycle that by and then we found this it’s like the coolest like half moon shelf thing it was maybe somebody’s DIY we don’t really know what it’s for. But it’s a cool shape.

So we’re gonna turn it into an even cooler I found yes, and we also found a very cool chair that again I was just like we’re get bringing this home mm-hmm and we’re just gonna add it to our corner and we’ll show you guys that later all right yeah why these things we’ll show you what we do about you can stay there you can okay so the first thing I’m gonna do is paint this thing gold to give it a bit of a refresh. But I think I can take off this bottom tray it’s a little 13 and B we just don’t need it too big and too small what is this Goldilocks over here alright wait this is like yeah I don’t know for what year. But that’s funny Wow maybe, if they still sell this you can make this so next is painting. So I have primer and coal team and actually just order this funky thing in the mail it’s like a children’s pop-up tent.

But we’re gonna try and use it as a spray painting tent. Because it’s very cold and wet to Canada and spray painting in the cold does not look so all so hopefully I can spray paint this inside of it that’s how you die by spray painting in there I mean, and we need like mentally so exciting so this guy is spray-painted gold. And I have never been so happy with the spray paint job in my life like that pop-up tent is many a favorite thing in the office. Because I am obsessed it’s so beautiful so that’s that’s pretty much done so the only thing I want to do extra is put like a little shelf at the bottom since.

Because the metal went out. So we have some scrap wood lying around the office from I don’t know some DIY along the way so I’m gonna trim it to fit nicely in here using the saw. And I think I’m gonna stain it with a mid-century modern esque brown shade that we use in a lot of our DIYs okay what has been cut stain has been applied and it looks good. But let’s test it out oh yeah perfect fit now let’s awesome wait let’s test it out first make sure it that this whole idea actually works yes yes that is so cool I give her those the discharge have you showed this to anyone they’d be like not to shock vinyl record album vinyl anyways next yup.

So we got this shelf thing really inspired by this DIY project I’m pretty sure it’s a DIY project. But to spice it up a bit we’re going to add a chain to hang it by and paint the back of this gold to you know make it a little bit more chic okay this gold is looking so good that I’m just looking to actually do the entire thing so now that it’s all painted gold it looks extra half Moony now. And I’m going to add a chain so at this chunky gold chain and you could use like eyelet what do they call I hooks and you can use I hooks here. But I don’t know why our craft store is fresh out of I hooks like no thank you.

So we’re gonna do a little nail situation on the back which is gonna work just as well and then I can kind of figure out the lengths later. But pretty cool okay like, if you went like that like it should stay right Oh what, if it’s like shorter shorter oh guys hoops of physics it was a physics major in the audience all right take two okay so I’m going up at this nail in. And I’m gonna put it in kind of middle front here so it doesn’t fall backwards hold on this is how we test it like put it on my finger it’s like wherever it right. So we should put it there nah physics yo after figuring out where the what is it like the center of gravity your balance oh this better work otherwise I give up usually we would cut out these mistakes.

But okay hallelujah visit egg huntin on me and it’s done very impressed physic so now we’re going to take this in the record stand and style everything that we got from the third star alright guys that was this week’s trip flip. And I’m really happy who I thought that turned out like we like, when we pick Zig you’re picking this stuff up and we’re like okay it was like I guess is kind of gonna work like it’s random none of these things really go together. But we’ll make it work it turned out good job team I’m like looking at it right there and it looks it looks so good together it’s good to vibe and it looks so not chair though stoked to have that analog new edition what up so so good alright you guys enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed it yeah, if you guys don’t know we do flips semi-regularly little series we do so make sure you check out the link in the description is well I’m sure they’re like linked up here more third flip episodes and let us know what you want to see next what type of like throw flip like what kind of theme like clothing related all last year remember who want us to do prom dresses we can’t forget to do that this year I remember last should we like sought after like prom season I was like yeah that might be such a good one so not like amazing stores would I buy interesting movie so make me so interesting anyways comment you guys are nari commentd also we just launched some super cool merch that was totally designed from the ground up by us yeah and made in Canada these are iron-on patches they say not sorry. Because all over the side girls we’re not sorry for being really good at making stuff yeah I shouldn’t be sorry either um yeah put them anywhere they’re really fun check them out link in description yeah alright thank you guys for reading this post we’re checking that out we’ll see you in their next post, if you liked it make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you check out the link in the bio for these haha let me hanging some it.

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