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When Sergio Terzani founded his company back in 1972, his mission was to create handmade lighting that blurred the line between art and design. By combining traditional Italian craftsmanship, including artisan metal and glasswork, with forward-thinking technology, the Florence-based manufacturer began to redefine the way high-end lighting was conceived and made. The brand continues to innovate in the same way to this day.

Its first collection, ‘Memory’, consists of sculptural pieces conceived for the most part by Parisian designer Jean-Francois Crochet, whom Sergio Terzani met in 1985. Together, the pair looked to the culture of craft for inspiration, drawing on centuries of expertise,

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The ‘Precious Design’ collection ramps up the exuberant, luxurious aesthetic for which the company is now known including work with wrought iron and traditional Italian scavo (frosted) glass. The resulting pieces include the ‘Antinea’ – a twisted helix uplighter with a rusted finish and blown glass diffuser – as well as ‘Alaya’, ‘Virgins’ and ‘Solune’, all of which are contemporary designs made using classic materials.

More recently, lighting in the ‘Precious Design’ collection (from top, ‘Mizu’ and ‘Calle’ pendant lights) ramps up the exuberant, luxurious aesthetic for which the company is now known. Although many of these designs are created by Terzani’s in-house team, the brand also collaborates with big name designers such as Nigel Coates, Christian Lava, Maurizio Galante, Luca Martorano, Mattia Albicini and Simone Micheli. A bespoke service is available, too, helping customers create original pieces or modify existing products to suit any interior (


Furniture maker Sebastian Cox admits that he has ‘a near obsession with trying to find new uses for wood’. His latest collection applies it to lighting. The ‘Mycelium+Timber’ pendant lights are made from young woods, such as hazel and goat’s willow, which are not traditionally used in production. The wood is introduced to mycelium, a type of fungus, which binds with it to create an organic material that forms strong, lightweight designs. From £320 (

Maxim Velcovsky, creative director atLasvit For me, good lighting means a pleasant atmosphere. That is why we continue to explore. the relationship between space and light.


Introducing Danish design duo GamFratesi’s newest creation for Louis Poulsen, the pleasingly named ‘Yuh’ light. Inspired by Japanese paper art and described by the designers as ‘a piece of architecture’, the lamp – which comes in table, floor and wall versions – is flexible, and can be moved up and down and rotated. You can also adjust the angle for personalised illumination. Table lamp, £420 (

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