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Okay small bedroom small budget just sound familiar if it does stick with me cuz I’m go on give you some tips of creating a beautiful small bedroom on a budget okay my first tip in creating a small bedroom on a budget is to paint the room because. So often what I see is people bring in new furnishings or accents or things but the pink color is all wrong and especially in a small space you want to get it right. So here’s a couple things to think about I as you know if you watch anyway posts I love white and usually go for a palette that’s more open and airy and bright and I go for the white that being said you can definitely go dark in a small space too it’ll actually make it feel cozy and welcoming what you don’t want to do is create a lot of contrast.

So you don’t want a whole bunch of different colors. So the first thing is I’d say paint that paint is really not that expensive you can change it later on if you don’t like it but it’s really go on set the tone to the rest of the bedroom my second tip is do not buy an expensive bed I know that may be seem obvious or maybe not the advice you think a designer would give you but I definitely don’t think you need an expensive bed to create a beautiful bedroom I believe it’s the other things in the room and we’ll get to that. So you could have just actually a bed frame and a mattress and then we could do something creative with the headboard or a lot of the big box stores sell some really inexpensive beds that are just simple and basic but will work just fine.

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So don’t worry about getting an inexpensive bed get something that’s simple get something that’s nondescript and that we can work around my third tip then is the betting okay. So betting my rule of thumb in it and I laugh because most people cringe when I say this but I think go white the reason I’m go on say this is that if you choose a white bedding for one there’s ton of options out there in the marketplace and you can get them quite inexpensively but then you can add to it with the accent and have a lot of fun and change it up and that’s where you can create make your creativity in the room my next tip is create your own headboard.

So there’s some really you know fun and creative ways this is where I say go on Pinterest and type in something like DIY headboard and you meet amazed at what you can find. So some of the things I’ve seen or done that I love one is if you don’t if you have been you don’t like the headboard is buying a rug buying maybe an inexpensive rug and I hear somewhere and actually draping the rug over the headboard I love this idea even if you just want to change up the look for say seasonally for the summer of the winter drape the rug over the headboard if you don’t have a headboard how about getting a beautiful piece of fabric you could literally actually just pin it up to the wall go as big as you can that’s my tip for that go as big as you can or if you want stretch it onto a canvas as well have a big canvas as your headboard I’ve seen things that people take old doors or old mirrors or big pieces of art and put them above your bed I think having one thing that has a lot of impact will make a huge difference to your room and then the last thing I say in creating a beautiful room that you love just having those personal touches. So by personal touches what I mean it those little things for instance if you love books and still have books around which i think is fantastic get yourself an inexpensive some small bookshelves and put them up vertically and display your books have those as part of the decor in your room or maybe you love fresh wild flowers and you’re the kind of person who’s picking fresh flowers all the time or in the winter collecting collecting leaves and things make it a beautiful arrangement that’s always besides your bed buy yourself a lovely candle it really is the little things within a bedroom that you add to it that creates it to feel warm and cozy and inviting and you. So to help you out in creating your bedroom on a budget I have created my favorite shopping guide which is some of my favorite stores I go to and what I like to buy at each of them and you can link to that below.

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