Business as Usual in Unusual Times

We chat to Enid Lizamore, Executive Head of Human Resources at Santam, and Women of the Future competition judge, who offers sage advice to our finalists and other entrepreneurs. times. ‘Your resilience is tested in these moments. The sooner you become comfortable with discomfort, the better you can seek out opportunities and adjust your strategies.’

Enid says that as a Women of the Future 2020 judge, she will be looking for women who are willing to take risks, and who are intuitive, authentic and driven by passion and resilience.

Here are a few of her tips to help you become a future contender:

Perseverance is a learned skill

The nature of business is constantly changing. During an economic downturn it changes even faster. The one constant you need is a passion for pursuing your dream. Success is a journey. It is the ability to pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and start again that makes the difference. In my experience, perseverance is always rewarded.

Make yourself a priority As women we tend to put our personal pursuits last to focus on tasks that support home and family life. But it is vital to take time every night to write down key actions that get you closer to your entrepreneurial goals. For 30 days, put yourself at the top of the list and notice how discipline and consistency contribute to your personal development and entrepreneurial pursuits. Learn to prioritise your wellbeing too; delegate where possible, ask for help and offer assistance too. These skills are just as important to your business as balancing your books.

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Lead with confidence

Soft skills like teamwork, empathy and empowerment are core to leadership. This is particularly true as we continue to work remotely. As women, we should be guided by our instincts to create an empowered and well-rounded workplace.

Build a bigger table

As consumers re-evaluate their spending decisions, the conscious consumerism trend will continue to grow. I encourage female leaders to place community involvement, development and empowerment at the forefront of their business growth and sustainability plans.

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