Hello everybody we are the scigirls, and we are here to bring you the ultimate DIY or buy gift guys yeah we did this last year and be asked again today today this this year on snapchat and Instagram what you guys want to see and gift guide once again one of the options so here we are also ask you guys who your hardest people to buy forward and you told us a list. So we thought of gifts for those people, and we tried to keep all these presents under $25 and the DIY options all supplies under $25 and everything the missions post will be linked below so check out the description surfers categories to the person that has everything think of that mom it’s like I don’t need anything honey I don’t want anything this year you’re like. But wait what can I get you so our idea was to take something they might already own and make it better. So we DIY a floor mat you know mom take coming house is messy.

So we do a funny floor mat and your buy options is custom stamp I like heard about this this year. And I was like this has to be a Christmas present ideas like I know you don’t send mail too often. But, when you do it’s usually pretty important so imaginary Christmas cards yeah so imagine, if like your face is on it you’re like mom stamp me on things hilarya do link to where you can do that below so this is for the tech lover that purchases into all things tech the DIY options so this person is to DIY them a charging castle we have a post on how we did this it’s basically a nice tassel that highs a charging cable and it looks good and it’s functional so our DIY option is a portable battery charger. But these ones are basic we’re thinking solar-powered.

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Because I personally have a lot of like the battery chargers that are just portable. But I never remember to charge them. Because that’s just too much work so, if it’s solar powered you’re good you’re good to go you got the beach throw it in the Sun bonus charging them this idea is for as a co-worker that you’ve def met or a secret santa you don’t even really know who you’re getting it for we did a bunch of honey’s little gifts these are all things you can make with dollars for items. But they’re really funny yeah I think the persons will get appreciate it too these on the left yeah it’s just like candy whatever like the love it enter by option for a co-worker or the secret santa is a lottery ticket every year I usually get lottery tickets in my stockings.

And I love it I love scratching or like waiting the next day to see what the numbers are so lottery ticket it’s like you’ve been spending a $25 on the lottery ticket like that a lot of chances to win. So you can given someone a million dollar gift and not known it amazing so this officers for that pinky sister or your best friend who’s like I don’t know what I want yeah I style is so specific. So we DIY these ring holders they’re kind of minimal. But also super trendy and really easy to DIY.

And I guarantee this something that we probably don’t already have. So we really like it in the buy option for this lady is a plant planters like I love playing that’s the end of it never have too many plans yeah and it’s something they might not bar for themselves this idea is for this family pet you cannot forget your pet on Christmas every pet ensures Christmas gifts so for our DIY option we have this puppy tank we made this allow back and everyone loved it it’s so adorable and your dog or cat and love it too and our buy option is a kind of marker dog a dog puzzle um I know pets get like a lot of treats and a lot of toys so why not you know challenge a little bit with a puzzle this one is from the music lover a male family or friend circle and this is probably one of my most favorite things we do I the last while it’s a record display case. But honestly they could put anything in it we just made it the perfect size for record albums and our buy option is a recycled guitar string bracelet I’m hovering around people’s before. But they look really really cool and definitely unisex and they’re all over Etsy so we’ll link that below it’s really cool I love it with my tears from your lover is a significant other in your life really you should know what they want, if you have that special to you so a really safe bet that we have and that as an idea is to make them a favorite dinner something that they might have had at home that they don’t get too often anymore really just put the effort in and that’s gonna show you cares the love it and for our buy idea the same thing you should maybe know what they might want they be having their eye on.

But another idea or, if you want to keep the price down you can always gift like an experience so our idea was maybe a drive-in or you know one big escape herbs or something or going out for dinner so just like an experience that you two can have together alright this last idea is for your boss someone that you work with every day this idea may seem a little basic. But honestly it’s going to be really appreciated a nice card especially, if you DIY it we have this really funny option for a card. But, if you make whatever you want as long as it’s for my heart in ceará and it just says like I appreciate working with you and all this you know sack of stuff yeah I love it and we’ll think of you as an awesome employee we think that a safe buy item for a boss would be a book, if she’s a female she-she-she EO ha ha ha ha ha boss you could get the girl boss book, if it’s a male I want to go to the girl boss book. But you get another book that interests them I think it’s kind of a way to show like you appreciate them their leadership yeah I think it’s a safe bet – I like it I like it alright so that’s a round above all our ideas for DIY and buying gifts those people that are hard to buy formula, if you guys want to see our last year’s gift I’ve done check that out will it get around here, if you have any ideas the types people we listed please let everyone else know below it’s going to be super helpful yeah or another type of person that we didn’t list some I think that that would be super helpful.

And I would probably be in the comments as well yes any of you guys like this post make sure that you like it, if you love and make sure he doesn’t die you you.

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