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For starters, the team raised the structure to install a pressure-treated wood foundation that would hold up to the area’s fairly wet conditions. After getting the ranch back on solid footing, they made one strategic addition: a wraparound porch. Not only does this outdoor living space invite relaxation, it helps keep the ranch cool and offers

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A spacious wraparound porch and a substantial outdoor fireplace offer guests a relaxing space.

A pair of twin beds makes this room the bachelor pad. jokes the owner.

Guests In the restored ranch enjoy fly-fishing in the Gunnison River, which flows right outside a prep area for fly-fishermen. Coburn, an avid fly-fi$herman himself, says rhe ranch is all set up for showing up and preparing to go fish and then lightly entertaining before, during, and after

The porch’s outdoor fireplace and tin roof are ideal for entertaining. “You can look up and actually sec the tin. says Coburn. So it’s really nice when you stand out there and it s raining and you get that little pitter-patter; that’s bv design.

A nearby cookhouse offers a smoker and charcoal and gas grills. Guests can also enjoy a fire pit or plav horseshoes. The team relocated an old cabin to the area and converted it into a game house with darts, foosball, table tennis, and poker and pool tables. Coburn says the options are intentional; one of the ways the team likes to create spaces diat feel good is to include a scries of places for people to hang out. Exterior posts and columns, as well as die cookhouse and a footbridge, are all indigenous Douglas fir pieces, reclaimed from a cattle stockyard in I’ueblo, Colorado.

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