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At least summer days seem to last forever. “It’s not unusual for us to be on the lake until ten o’clock at night,” says Linda, adding that a typical day starts with a morning hike or bike ride. “ There’s a southerly breeze in the morning, so the lake isn’t always smooth, but by mid-afternoon it’s perfect for kayaking.”

The Smiths have two grown sons; when the kids and grandkids come to visit, there’s a king-size pullout in the living room for those who like cushier accommodations, and a Hat grassy spot outside for those who prefer to pitch a tent. “Our granddaughters love to

With a view like this, it might be hard to get out of bed in the morning camp, bur everyone comes back here for meals, says Linda. “We enjoy lots of breakfast parties on the deck, and the dock is another living area, too.

Come evening, everyone heads down to the lake and boards the Smiths’ twenty-one-foot Sea Ray. Most nights, they meet up with neighbors and tie their boats together. “Then we have cocktails and float for hours, says Linda. Mike adds, “The sunsets are magnificent.’’

If there’s one time everyone in the Smith clan can agree upon for a family gathering, it’s the Fourth of July. According to Mike, that’s w’hen one of their neighbors puts on a firework display that beats die city of Bozeman’s show’ by a mile. “It’s something we all look forward to, and there are somewhere between seventy-five and a hundred boats out for the celebration, he says. “A full moon and fireworks on the water. It doesn’t get much better than that.’’

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Molly Breen had more than skiing on her mind when she went hunting for a ski cabin near Donner Like with her husband, Mike McRae. “My daughter and her husband were living in Colorado and were talking about getting a cabin there. I thought if we got one here we could lure them back. Molly confesses.

She found the perfect bait: an old summer cabin atop Donner Summit in California’s Sierra Nevada range. Located across the street from Royal Gorge (claimed to be North America’s largest cross-country skiing resort), the cabin is just a forty-five-minute drive from home in Nevada City. California.

I wanted for us to be able to walk out the door and ski. and it doesnt get much better than this,” Molly says.

According to her daughter, Mela Breen, the plan worked sort of. “My husband and I had decided to move back to our hometown anyway because I was pregnant with our first child, and we wanted to live close to our parents, says Mela. She’s a LEED AP designer (and backcountry skier), and her husband. David Good, is a builder. The couple had just launched their own design/

The owners of this remodeled ski cabin used a sustainable approach when renovating It.

This bathroom reflects a clean, simple, uncluttered aesthetic build firm when the economy took a bad turn, and they found themselves with extra time. Both were enlisted to aid in the redesign. “Six weeks after our first son was born, we moved into a little rental cabin next door and started construction,” she adds.

Mela and David ultimately spent six months working on the ailing 1940s structure, along with Molly and Mike..

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