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Coburn and his wife, Annie, spearheaded the interior design. Annie selected the couch to fit her vision of the guesthouse as a “gentleman rancher’s retreat.” The warm leather evokes rhe Old West, bur its lines are soft an important consideration, since the guesthouse is used by both men and women.

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Annie intentionally chose a set of chairs that weren’t made for the tresrle-style dining table. When pieces look as though they’ve been gathered over the years, she explains, it lends .1 sense of historic authenticity. Several reclaimed pieces in the great room also elicit that sense of history: the rusted metal partition wall between dining and kitchen areas, rhe solid cotfee table made of vintage wood, and rhe standing lamp made of a retrofitted surveyors tripod. The large brown trout mounted on the fireplace is a wood carving by a local artist. Aside from sconces in the bedrooms, the Coburns de-emphasized the lighting by hiding small monopoint fixtures in the ceiling.

All rhis attention to derail has made the guesthouse a favorire place for entertaining and relaxing. Coburn says visitors often reserve it for dinner parties, cookouts, and, of course, fly-fishing trips. The surrounding land still operates as a carrle ranch. Given rhe wrork that Coburn and his ream have already put into the place, let s hope rhe steers don’t develop a hankerin’ to play foosball.

In the beginning, the outlook wasn’t entirely rosy at die little farmhouse in Biglork, Montana.

There were definitely times, initially, that we thought we had bought a lemon, says Felesha McAfee.

Felesha recalls the winter when she and husband Jeremiah began renovating the farmhouse they had just purchased. “The day we got the keys, we started tearing the ceiling out. That was the beginning of a year and a half of work.”

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