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Cafe Interior Design Ideas

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While our perception of colours is entirely subjective, it is useful to have some idea of how colours behave with one another, both in theory and in practice, and to know how to describe their qualities or characters. This makes life easier whether you plan to mix colours yourself or to order special paints to match a favourite object or fabric.
Colour spectrum
Modern colour theory is based on the spectrum the series of colours that we see when white light passes through a prism or when sunlight passes through airborne droplets of water to create a rainbow. Although each colour blends almost imperceptibly into its neighbour, for convenience we tend to depict the spectrum as six distinct bands of colour: namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

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The ends of the spectrum can be brought round to form a circle, to create what is known as a colour wheel. This shows the relationship of each colour to the others more clearly, and it becomes easier to see that there are three pure or primary colours, blue, red and yellow, and three secondary colours, green, orange and violet, each created by mixing two primary colours.

Mixing equal parts of a primary colour with an adjacent secondary colour gives rise to a tertiary colour: green and yellow, for example, produce lime green, blue and green create turquoise, while violet and red make a bluish red known as crimson.

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